Wednesday, 17 February 2016

January Favourites

So it is over half way through February now so I'm just slightly late to do the monthly review but what the hell.

Lint Roll- rather boring but so useful, been using this very day pretty much. Especially as I'm always wrapped in a blanket. 

Colgate toothpaste advanced white - This toothpaste is great, I have really seen the difference in the colour of my teeth, they are much whiter now which is amazing as this toothpaste was only a pound. I honestly didn't think this would work when I got it. 

Charles Worthington Hair conditioner - The orange one is amazing but all of the ones are amazing, I am also using the purple one as well. These are conditioning hair masks that you only need on for about a minute which is amazing as so many are 10-15 minutes which annoys me quite a bit as I only have a shower. Meaning I have to shampoo my hair, get out of the shower then get out towel dry my hair then conditioner, 15 minute wait then shower. Far too long, and this is better than pretty much all the hair masks I have tried. Its from Boots not sure if anywhere else sells it.

Pointless Book- I don't actually watch the show but I absolutely love this book, about halfway through now but its great when I just want a little break. Will watch the show one day...

Brooklyn Jumper - this jumper is so soft, I have worn this at least half of january, its from Topshop. I've started to love crop jumpers, not really found of long tops or jumpers anymore. Honestly go into Topshop and see if they still have any left in the sale.

The framed print is my own artwork and I just absolutely love it, it isn't my favourite anymore but I do love it so much. 

Lastly Benefit Two Cents Eyeshadow - I love this eyeshadow and just keep coming back to it, its a cream eyeshadow and stays put forever, and have hardly used any of it, its going to last forever.

I hope you have liked my monthly favourites, I know it is a rather weird mixture this month. 

What has your favourite products been this month?