Monday, 29 February 2016

10 Drugstore Blushers...13 actually oops

Sorry this is the first post in a while but my flat has no internet at the moment. Anyway back to this post, I thought I would be a kind of haul of drugstore blushers, then maybe a high end version as well. Just an over view of blushers, then I might do more detailed posts on individual ones later on.

These are the shimmery pink blushers, which are the shades I wear the most, as there is a bit more to it than just the colour, i.e. the shimmer. They look great on pale skin, also when you are tanned, I find some shades make me look so much more pale where as these shades don't.

Sephora - Coral Rose
Kiko - Blush Veil 02
Kiko - Velvet Touch Cream Stick 02 (have to say that this is my favourite drugstore blush) These aren't actually from the drugstore but are about the same prices.

These shades have more of an orange tint to them, I don't really wear these that much as they aren't that obvious of a blush, if you are just starting to think about wearing blush this is a great shade to start with.

Soap & Glory - Onamatopeacha 
Bourjois - Cream Blush 02
MUA - Lolly

These shades have more of a brown tint, I love these colours but haven't really worn then often enough.

NYX - Hibiscus
New Cid - Fose (i think, it has been faded, it is a lip and cheek tint)
Kiko - 07

These are the other shades, most of them are pink that don't have a shimmer to it, except for one red one, I haven't tried the red one but not too sure about it.

Topshop - Head Over Heels
Topshop - Morning Dew
Model co - Just Peachy
Bourjois - Pink Twice

Let to know if there is any shades you like the look of and I will do a post on that blush.
Thanks for reading see you soon.