Monday, 4 January 2016

Weekly 5 Product Review

H&M - Chin Chin 

I absolutely love this eyeshadow, I've been wearing it so often over the last few weeks, especially with black eyeliner. This colour is light enough to wear on its own and has a lovely sparkle to it. The pigment is so good in this and I just love the packaging, will definitely be getting some more soon. They had so many different shades of nude and brown it will be so hard to choose.

Kiko - Radiant Touch Highlighter 101

So this highlighter is such a lovely colour, I use it so often and it is so blendable. Sometimes I find highlighters don't always want to blend it but this does so well, leaving your make up looking pretty flawless, and your face too except mine at the moment christmas time as given me a few spots thats always just so annoying.

Soap & Glory Highlighter

Going highlighter overboard this week. Two in one week is crazy. I do like this highlighter though it comes down so much lower than the Kiko one on my best highlighters list. I find the colour quite pinky for a highlighter. I like it on but I wouldn't say it is the most showy 'my face is highlighted' kind of look if that makes sense Damn I'm really bad at describing today, honestly I think I'm pretty worded out at the moment. I finally finished my dissertation and handed it in today, two days early which I'm pretty proud of. The next two days is relaxing before worrying over work again. AAArrrr back to highlighter getting off track a bit. 

I was saying it isn't an obvious highlighter, I would almost say its a cross between a highlighter and a blush. Slightly too pale for a blush. I would recommend you swatch this in store before buying, it will be too pink for you if you want a sandy highlighter.

Soap & Glory - Trick and Treatment

I have used this for years now and its the best concealer I have ever had. Technically this isn't a concealer but its what I've used it for, its for your undereyes, to cover up your bags. It works great at it but also as a concealer for your whole face. It is rather pricey at £9 but I guess thats due to not actually being a concealer but it is the best concealer I have ever used. Also it is usually in 3 for 2 so price isn't so bad.

Too Faced - Carrie and Big blush and bronze duo

So I got this the other day from T K Maxx the other day as I have no willpower at all it turns out. I'll say that the blusher ok but I wasn't blown away by it. Its nothing special no Nars Orgasm sadly. Its just a pale peachy pink blusher that doesn't really do anything for my skin tone. The bronzer I do quite like, it is quite a pale bronzer that I think is great if you want that I'm not wearing make up look but secretly you have make up on. This is great for that if you want to look slightly tanned or sun kissed, which lets face it who doesn't? 

Is this duo worth it just for the bronzer? I would say it depends on your budget, I got this for £9.99 from TK Maxx but for anywhere else for more money I would be less inclined to buy it, despite being a massive TooFaced fan. This is a let down.