Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Topshop Beauty Sale Haul

So this is from a few trips over the last couple of weeks to Topshop. Lets start with knickers, this is the only time of the year that I buy any, I refuse to buy any full price so wait till after christmas every year to go mad and get way too many. I usually get them from Miss Selfridge but this year I didn't see any in there and Topshop had so many pretty pairs to choose from. I wish this photo was all the knickers I have bought but sadly there is more but didn't want too many in the photo. You can get the idea of how many I bought, they were mainly £2 but a few were down to £1which is just crazy cheap.  So am now totally set with my underwear for the year.

Moving over to the feet area, I got amazing dracula socks, I didn't need any socks but I had to get dracula, my love of horror films wouldn't let me walk past these. Also got some over the knee black socks, I have wanted a pair for ages but never got round to getting any but for £1 in the sale I thought why not? Last feet related is just a boring old pair of skin coloured tights.

Drumroll please.....finally we have come to the beauty area of this haul. I know I can't contain my excitement either...I have bought three Lip Primer, boring I know but the first one I bought was £4 in the sale and then they went down to £1.50 so I bought another 2. You just put them on before lipstick to make your lipstick last longer. I'm sure you got that by their name. Also I got some Violet Hair Chalk, I miss having bright hair sometimes so thought I'd get some chalk as its better than dyeing my hair all the colours of the sun again. Lastly I bought a lovely blue nail varnish in the colour Blue Rinse. I know I don't need any more blue nail varnish but I really liked the colour.

This is part one of the topshop haul done, now just the clothes haul to go....



did you buy anything nice in the sales? I'm sure you did, as why buy something you don't like...