Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lace Bra Haul

I dont know about you but I do love a pretty bra, and thought I would share with you the few (five) bras I have bought recently, mostly in the sale (70% off was amazing). If you don't know by now I absolutely love a sale and really hate having to buy something when it isn't in the sale. If its not in the sale I really have to love it or need to.

The Navy Lace Bra is just so beautiful and I picked it up today from Debenhams it was originally £22.50 but I paid £6.75 which I thought was pretty good, the make is Reger by Janet Reger. I have never heard of before but it does look so nice.

The mint green lace one is by Iris & Edie (also never heard of) that I also picked up today from Debenhams, I thought it looked like a fun playful bra and it was only £4.50 (originally £14.50) which I was really happy with.

The grey striped one I also got today from Iris & Edie and was £4.95 which wasn't bad and the cotton feels really comfortable so think I have found an every day bra.

The Black and the white lace bras were a set from H&M, I love them and have wanted one in this style for a while now and actually paid full price for them a whole £12.99, nearly as much and all the other three bras put together....

I hope I haven't talked about bras too much for you but who doesn't love a good bra?