Thursday, 14 January 2016

Boxing Day Sales Topshop & Boots

So I bought a few things in the January sales, I got a lipstick and lipbullet from Topshop, the lipbullet is a beauty red shade called Joyride and is definitely going to be one of my summer lips. The Lipstick is called Whimsical and is a weird colour but I honestly love it on, its a pinky orangey peach colour is the best way I can describe it, I think I will do a post soon of swatches so you can see it, but its a lovely colour and goes really well with my ridiculously pale complexion. 

The other two things I bought as you can see are much bigger and are from the Ted Baker Beauty in Boots, I will start with the nails and lipsticks. Sadly they don't have a name or number with is quite annoying but just love the colour range of the lipsticks, thought they were quite playful colour and the nails match so what, but honestly got this mainly for the lipsticks. 

The other is the bath side of things, there are two mini bubble bath bottles, one in each colour (the different colours are also different scents as I'm sure you can guess but honestly go and smell them, they smell amazing), body wash and body lotion both in both scents. Then lastly a small hand cream, as well as the box thing (honestly can't think of what its called) which is just so unbelievably beautiful.

Wow look at that I managed to write it all without getting sidetracked, only about 3 weeks late writing this post. Who even looks at boxing day posts in mid january, well I do but most people don't, oh well at least I have now shared with you as I have started using these lipsticks and want to review them soon.

What did you get in the sale? 

who doesn't love a good sale