Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Planning Life After University

Fastly approaching the end of university, I have started to debate with myself about what my next step is. For a while I thought about doing a master but I don't want to rush into it and regret doing it in a few years time if I wanted to do a different masters.

Life in general seems so planned for people, you feel pressured not necessarily by people but by life to go straight from university into a graduate job and just never look back. This is fine for some people, maybe even homely and welcoming to them, but it just isn't me. 

I just don't feel like I am cut out for an office job, I want a creative job where I will be active. Doing something that I love. This is what made me really start to think about my future and more than just my future furniture and house (yup I'm one of those people) and more into what I want to do. I realised I had never come up with a set idea, obviously an artist has always been the general idea, but I needed to expand on this.

photo of some of my work

From this I planned and planned thinking about my future, honestly it is exhausting thinking about this so much. I feel now is the time to tell you something you don't know. Back in the summer last year my grandad died and it stopped me being able to think about death, my artwork has always had a  big focus on death in it and I just couldn't bring myself to think about death for months. I still haven't finished Allegiant (the last divergent book, as I knew the ending and couldn't face it).

I had to think of a different type of art to make, and I went into developing my doodles, I have always done doodles since I can remember. History notebooks with dueling snails and walking talking vegetables. My doodles became alive, I developed my doodles into characters, as cute as possible and then I took a huge step.

I have always been very self critical of my own work and scared of other people being the same, so it was massive when I decided to sell prints of my illustrations at a Handmade Fair at my university. I did really well and people seemed to like my work (I wasn't there for most of it, but my boyfriend manned my stand and sold a fair amount). 

This gave me the confidence to continue with my characters and develop them more. An even bigger step came next, when I saw an advert around uni advertising about a pop up shop the uni was doing. I applied with my characters, had an interview and was selected. There was a few months till the shop, I spent a lot of this time making cards, hand-drawn cards. During this time I started to do artwork about death again, though it was video based and completely separate from my characters. 

I found myself really loving drawing and coming up with new card designs (new characters), this is what I wanted to do, is what I found myself thinking. I started to research and found there are a few card companies that accept submissions but most are independent companies. This started me looking into creating my own company. This was something I found that I was passionate about much more than any job I had looked at. 

Not to conclude as there never is an end in life and progression in it, but I guess what I'm saying is that you should do something that you are passionate about and not just for money or to have a job. You should do what you love and not to worry if you grow up not knowing what you want to do with your life. Give it time, I spent most of my time at university still not knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. I'm not saying life will be easy, as I'm sure just finding a random job would be a lot easier than what I want but I know that I have to try and live my dream. Even if it doesn't work out, at least I will know I tried. 

No regrets in life is how you should live.

Thank you for reading this mega long post, I hope it has helped you and dare I say maybe even inspired one of you, if I am lucky. 



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ps. sorry about the long delay in posts, I have been trying to set up my business. Please check out my etsy shop. I love my little characters and hope you do too.


Wednesday, 2 March 2016

February Favourites

So this month Ive managed to do my favourites early-ish. This month have gone by rather slowly, though there has been far too much Jeremy Kyle and Maury watching. Does anyone else have these on in the background when doing work? 

This month has been rather frustrating my internet has been down for most of the most, and my page views have dropped so low. I know my blog isn't as great as I want but I don't have the time or technical know how to make it as good as I want. I look at other peoples blogs and want to just delete mine but I know I can't be the only one who feels this. I love my blog though, hating it and loving it at the same time. I love posting and sharing my thoughts, but trying to get people to look at my blog is the hard part I hate. I'm not saying I want thousands of people to find my blog, but sometimes it feels so hard trying to find ways for people to know about your blog. I have decided for March I am not going to look at page views but just focus on my posts, if I ever find out the secret I will let you know.

Kiko Velvet Touch Blush 02 - I love this shade of blusher and I've found that this cream blusher can be blended really easily, I find some aren't very blendable.

Dove Summer Glow Lotion - I love this body lotion and it has given be a very light tan, I don't look tanned I know but I don't look as pale as I usually do around this time of year.

The Body Shop All in One Insta blur - This is fastly becoming my favourite primer, along with Benefits, this one is more in my price range. 

Spectrum Blusher Blush - From this months Birchbox, I love this brush so much, it is really soft and applies make up really well. I know this can be purchased off Birchbox but not sure where else sells it. There is a whole range of brushes and they are really well priced.

Necklace Accessorise - I love this necklace, it sits on your collar bone really nicely and was a bargain as was in the 70% sale, no longer in stores.

All My Friends Are Dead and 100 Ghosts - I love both of these books so much, I have wanted them both forever but finally I gave it and bought them both. I want to make books like these myself when I finish university.

Whats your favourites for this month?



Monday, 29 February 2016

10 Drugstore Blushers...13 actually oops

Sorry this is the first post in a while but my flat has no internet at the moment. Anyway back to this post, I thought I would be a kind of haul of drugstore blushers, then maybe a high end version as well. Just an over view of blushers, then I might do more detailed posts on individual ones later on.

These are the shimmery pink blushers, which are the shades I wear the most, as there is a bit more to it than just the colour, i.e. the shimmer. They look great on pale skin, also when you are tanned, I find some shades make me look so much more pale where as these shades don't.

Sephora - Coral Rose
Kiko - Blush Veil 02
Kiko - Velvet Touch Cream Stick 02 (have to say that this is my favourite drugstore blush) These aren't actually from the drugstore but are about the same prices.

These shades have more of an orange tint to them, I don't really wear these that much as they aren't that obvious of a blush, if you are just starting to think about wearing blush this is a great shade to start with.

Soap & Glory - Onamatopeacha 
Bourjois - Cream Blush 02
MUA - Lolly

These shades have more of a brown tint, I love these colours but haven't really worn then often enough.

NYX - Hibiscus
New Cid - Fose (i think, it has been faded, it is a lip and cheek tint)
Kiko - 07

These are the other shades, most of them are pink that don't have a shimmer to it, except for one red one, I haven't tried the red one but not too sure about it.

Topshop - Head Over Heels
Topshop - Morning Dew
Model co - Just Peachy
Bourjois - Pink Twice

Let to know if there is any shades you like the look of and I will do a post on that blush.
Thanks for reading see you soon.



Wednesday, 17 February 2016

January Favourites

So it is over half way through February now so I'm just slightly late to do the monthly review but what the hell.

Lint Roll- rather boring but so useful, been using this very day pretty much. Especially as I'm always wrapped in a blanket. 

Colgate toothpaste advanced white - This toothpaste is great, I have really seen the difference in the colour of my teeth, they are much whiter now which is amazing as this toothpaste was only a pound. I honestly didn't think this would work when I got it. 

Charles Worthington Hair conditioner - The orange one is amazing but all of the ones are amazing, I am also using the purple one as well. These are conditioning hair masks that you only need on for about a minute which is amazing as so many are 10-15 minutes which annoys me quite a bit as I only have a shower. Meaning I have to shampoo my hair, get out of the shower then get out towel dry my hair then conditioner, 15 minute wait then shower. Far too long, and this is better than pretty much all the hair masks I have tried. Its from Boots not sure if anywhere else sells it.

Pointless Book- I don't actually watch the show but I absolutely love this book, about halfway through now but its great when I just want a little break. Will watch the show one day...

Brooklyn Jumper - this jumper is so soft, I have worn this at least half of january, its from Topshop. I've started to love crop jumpers, not really found of long tops or jumpers anymore. Honestly go into Topshop and see if they still have any left in the sale.

The framed print is my own artwork and I just absolutely love it, it isn't my favourite anymore but I do love it so much. 

Lastly Benefit Two Cents Eyeshadow - I love this eyeshadow and just keep coming back to it, its a cream eyeshadow and stays put forever, and have hardly used any of it, its going to last forever.

I hope you have liked my monthly favourites, I know it is a rather weird mixture this month. 

What has your favourite products been this month?


Monday, 1 February 2016

Pastel Playsuit Look

Playsuit: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: T H Baker*, Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Bag: Prada

This is my favourite look for going out, I'm such a massive fan for pastel colours. I matched up the playsuit with some pale  grey wedges as I wanted the shoes to be muted and not outshine the playsuit.  This look I feel will be timeless and is an outfit that I will wear again and again, with the pale playsuit it doesn't make me look ridiculously pale in winter. Which is something I hate.

Everyone has their go to dress or playsuit and this is mine.

Do you have a go to playsuit? This one is definitely mine.



Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Accessorize Haul

Might of gone slightly overboard in Accessorize but the sale is now up to 70% off. I went in to just look at the bags they had and came out with all of this. I only wanted a bag to go with my new black dress. I'll be uploading a post on it soon.



Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Topshop Beauty Sale Haul

So this is from a few trips over the last couple of weeks to Topshop. Lets start with knickers, this is the only time of the year that I buy any, I refuse to buy any full price so wait till after christmas every year to go mad and get way too many. I usually get them from Miss Selfridge but this year I didn't see any in there and Topshop had so many pretty pairs to choose from. I wish this photo was all the knickers I have bought but sadly there is more but didn't want too many in the photo. You can get the idea of how many I bought, they were mainly £2 but a few were down to £1which is just crazy cheap.  So am now totally set with my underwear for the year.

Moving over to the feet area, I got amazing dracula socks, I didn't need any socks but I had to get dracula, my love of horror films wouldn't let me walk past these. Also got some over the knee black socks, I have wanted a pair for ages but never got round to getting any but for £1 in the sale I thought why not? Last feet related is just a boring old pair of skin coloured tights.

Drumroll please.....finally we have come to the beauty area of this haul. I know I can't contain my excitement either...I have bought three Lip Primer, boring I know but the first one I bought was £4 in the sale and then they went down to £1.50 so I bought another 2. You just put them on before lipstick to make your lipstick last longer. I'm sure you got that by their name. Also I got some Violet Hair Chalk, I miss having bright hair sometimes so thought I'd get some chalk as its better than dyeing my hair all the colours of the sun again. Lastly I bought a lovely blue nail varnish in the colour Blue Rinse. I know I don't need any more blue nail varnish but I really liked the colour.

This is part one of the topshop haul done, now just the clothes haul to go....



did you buy anything nice in the sales? I'm sure you did, as why buy something you don't like...

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Lace Bra Haul

I dont know about you but I do love a pretty bra, and thought I would share with you the few (five) bras I have bought recently, mostly in the sale (70% off was amazing). If you don't know by now I absolutely love a sale and really hate having to buy something when it isn't in the sale. If its not in the sale I really have to love it or need to.

The Navy Lace Bra is just so beautiful and I picked it up today from Debenhams it was originally £22.50 but I paid £6.75 which I thought was pretty good, the make is Reger by Janet Reger. I have never heard of before but it does look so nice.

The mint green lace one is by Iris & Edie (also never heard of) that I also picked up today from Debenhams, I thought it looked like a fun playful bra and it was only £4.50 (originally £14.50) which I was really happy with.

The grey striped one I also got today from Iris & Edie and was £4.95 which wasn't bad and the cotton feels really comfortable so think I have found an every day bra.

The Black and the white lace bras were a set from H&M, I love them and have wanted one in this style for a while now and actually paid full price for them a whole £12.99, nearly as much and all the other three bras put together....

I hope I haven't talked about bras too much for you but who doesn't love a good bra?



Thursday, 14 January 2016

Boxing Day Sales Topshop & Boots

So I bought a few things in the January sales, I got a lipstick and lipbullet from Topshop, the lipbullet is a beauty red shade called Joyride and is definitely going to be one of my summer lips. The Lipstick is called Whimsical and is a weird colour but I honestly love it on, its a pinky orangey peach colour is the best way I can describe it, I think I will do a post soon of swatches so you can see it, but its a lovely colour and goes really well with my ridiculously pale complexion. 

The other two things I bought as you can see are much bigger and are from the Ted Baker Beauty in Boots, I will start with the nails and lipsticks. Sadly they don't have a name or number with is quite annoying but just love the colour range of the lipsticks, thought they were quite playful colour and the nails match so what, but honestly got this mainly for the lipsticks. 

The other is the bath side of things, there are two mini bubble bath bottles, one in each colour (the different colours are also different scents as I'm sure you can guess but honestly go and smell them, they smell amazing), body wash and body lotion both in both scents. Then lastly a small hand cream, as well as the box thing (honestly can't think of what its called) which is just so unbelievably beautiful.

Wow look at that I managed to write it all without getting sidetracked, only about 3 weeks late writing this post. Who even looks at boxing day posts in mid january, well I do but most people don't, oh well at least I have now shared with you as I have started using these lipsticks and want to review them soon.

What did you get in the sale? 

who doesn't love a good sale



Topshop White Lace Dress Outfit

Dress: Topshop / Shoes: New Look / Bag: Primark

Really annoyed but these are the best photos I had, so many were ruined by the light and me being in half dark, half light. I should of looked through them all better but oh well. I hope you like this outfit. 

This week has gone by rather quite, really there is no rest, just last week I was handing in my dissertation and now this week has been setting up my final piece for our mock up degree show. I'm the type of person that doesn't keep all my notes in a sketchbook, they are just in my head or on random bits of paper. So I've been trying to create a sketchbook for my work. Which I need to go and put next to my work tomorrow, but I'm having a nice break from that tonight and decided it was time I posted again. 

Although I haven't been posting much I have photos for a good 6 or 7 posts waiting...yeah so many just waiting. I'm trying not to be one of those people that doesn't post for a week then you get 4 posts in one day. I want to try and time them out but we shall see. 

I hope you have had a good week.



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Monday, 11 January 2016

She Went All The Way by Meg Cabot Book Review

So this is officially my first ever book review but don't get used to it, I sadly don't have enough time to read all that much at the moment and I'm one of those people that just reread the same books over and over again. If I love a book I can guarantee that I've read it at least 10 times.

Anyway onto the book, this book I have wanted since it first came out and have only recently bought it like five days ago. So because of the title of the book I was too scared to buy this book despite wanting it so much when it came out as I was like 12 at the time I think. I had no idea what the story line was in this book but I just love Meg Cabots books so much. I remember when Princess Diaries was just a trilogy and how excited I was when she changed her mind. And from there I started reading every book she wrote that I could get my hands on. I actually have over one shelf in my book case dedicated to just Meg Cabot alone and thats doubled up one. I honestly just love her books so much. Literally then the new princess diaries can out this year I preordered it and had read it within a few days of it arriving at my house. Honestly it really wasn't the best book ever but just the fact that it was more Mia I was over the moon. Side note my boyfriend got me the snowflake pandora charm for christmas that is for a necklace and me being the total fan girl I am just thought about Michael giving Mia the necklace as her first ever gift. Sadly this wasn't the first thing I was given as it would be odd to go five years without him getting me anything, no the first thing I ever got was a blue scarf from topshop.

Seriously I just can't keep to one topic can I. Dammit, but on the bright side I am no longer worded out. Thank god, I was really starting to miss this blog. Even if I can never decide what to write about.

Right back to the book... anyway I loved this book it was quite a bit more graphic than most of her books but I could say that is due to the genre she is writing for with this book and unlike Boy Meets Girl the format of the book is different. The plot is about a screenwriter who's long term boyfriend ran off and eloped leaving her heartbroken, and then she gets stuck in Alaska with an actor she hates who has someone wanting him dead for some reason. I loved this as it was a bit more to it than just the usual love story, though I do love a love story.

Wow literally all I've written about the actual book is a few lines.



ps I will start posting more again now I swear.