Saturday, 12 December 2015

Daily Blog Diary Post Blogmas

(my drawing, incase you wondered)

So rather late on this month I have decided to do blogmas. Honestly these aren't going to be christmas themed or most of them aren't. I'm still at uni curled up in my bed under my duvet and blanket with my radiator on full. How can people survive in the north, for short amounts so time fine but honestly I miss the south, even the tubes when they are packed full. Someone grazes against your bum and you turn round just to find out its a mum trying to squeeze into the packed tube with her kids.

I can honestly say I am just not made for the north, its cold and rains even more than the south, which lets me honest still rains a hell of a lot. Today has consisted of my writing my blog post for today, then just eating poppets (toffee in chocolate incase you haven't heard of them) whilst finally catching up on the apprentice, the uk version don't think the new US one is out yet.

My life is average with nothing much of excitement going on. Relaxation has been my goal for the last two day, since handing in my draft dissertation (on the important of appropriation in art, incase you wanted to know, though I'm sure most will find this pretty boring).

The Apprentice is down to the final five know so next week will be exciting. Though after watching the american version the uk one just doesn't quite live up to it.

Honestly I feel pretty darn lazy today just sitting looking at what I need to tidy but not wanting to move even an inch. I even took my carton on apple juice to my bedside table so I can fill up my glass without moving. I am that lazy.

My day could be spent photographing things for my upcoming blogs but once again it would involve moving and the lightning is so bad today it isn't very light outside and my lamp has been on since about half ten this morning. It is light enough without it but feels late afternoon with it off.

Before I make this into a very lengthy post I will leave, don't know about you but I get bored if too much is written, anyway I will probably spend the rest of the day curled up doing some drawing whilst watching white collar, though sadly I'm now on season 4.

Enjoy your saturday