Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Christmas Ideas / my recent buys from Boots - Ted Baker Soap & Glory

So I might of gone spending a little bit the other day, so thought I would do a post on what I got, and they are great present ideas if you haven't got all yours yet. I am amazingly organised when it comes to presents I usually have things about a year in advance. 

The only problem with this is I need a lot of room to store everything and I occasionally I can't remember where I leave them.

The first thing was the gorgeous green box with has these three things in, its Ted Baker by the way. Body lotion and body wash with a scrubby thing (don't know what they are called). I just love these colours and design so much. These smell so nice and thought they would look so pretty in my bathroom.

I've seen this lip balm for a while and just thought it looked so pretty and just could help myself.

This body mist from Ted Baker was amazing, click here for my review.

So this is the inside of the big soap and glory box. I feel so guilty buying this as I already have most of the products in this. So now thats inside..

The Scrub of your Life - I am currently using this at home along with the Orangasm body wash that Soap and Glory did last year. Whilst here at uni I'm using a body shop one. I do really like this scrub though I have found it does go down quite quickly and it isn't the best that soap and glory do either so pretty sure I will never buy this out of a set.

Deep Cleansing Milk - So I absolutely love this and already still have about three laying around. I have used this for years to get my make up off before cleansing my face, yes I know this cleanses your face too but I like using a separate cleanser. So I'm pretty happy that this is in the box this year. Just need to start using as they do last forever.

Clean on Me - a few years ago this was the only body wash I used. It is great and I did love it but then my aunt got me body shop body wash which just lasts forever and I loved so much. This pretty much got forgotten. 

Righteous Butter Sunkissed Tint - So this is new or at least to me it is. Never seen this before. I've used Righteous Butter a lot, the normal one. But just isn't my favourite scented body butter they do, Breakfast smoothie is (think thats the name, am currently out). Excited to use this especially if I look nicely tanned.

Hand Food - this is the usual hand cream that I have had so many of, I prefer the Hand Dream one they do. I have far too many hand creams I just don't use them enough.

Heels Genuis - this is amazing I have used this for ages, because I do quite a bit of walking so my feet were quite rough. I've used this for well over a year and my feet are pretty softer now. I would recommend for anyone to go and take this.

Righteous Butter - I am actually currently using this at the moment so fine with getting another one. It is pretty good and was the first product I started to always get for soap & glory but in 2009ish when I started using their products.

Thick and Fast Mascara - I have used the normal black one of this mascara which I quite like but never this one so am excited to try.

Sexy MotherPucker Lip gloss- I have had a few of their lip glosses in the past and they are pretty good but I'm not a massive fan of lip gloss its too sticky for me.

So this is the end, this post if quite a bit longer than I thought it would be but seems like I decided to review the soap and glory box.

Hope to see you again tomorrow and any of these things would make a great present.