Thursday, 10 December 2015

A little update

Just seen that I haven't posted in 8 whole days, I feel so bad. I have been so busy, I have finally handed in my first draft of my dissertation so hopefully I can start spending time on here again.

One thing I hate is when I'm really busy I don't have time to go on my own blog let alone go and see over peoples blogs. But for now at least I have some free time again so here I am.

Honestly haven't really got anything else to tell you, and my dissertation is pretty much all I've done unless you count my dying my hair tonight but its still drying so unsure how it has turned out. Still trying to get my hair to the perfect shade, despite not knowing exactly what shade I actually want.

I will be uploading at least one post tomorrow, I went and got a birch box at selfridges on tuesday so will be telling you what I got and I might of accidentally went spending in T K Maxx tonight after handing in my draft as a mini celebration to myself. Oops...

Well I shall see you tomorrow.



bit of a random photo but thought the relaxing vibe was good.