Friday, 18 December 2015

15-18 Blogmas

So today was meant to be my photographing day and what happened...I forgot. Instead my day has been organising things and making my flat messier than it was before. So my evening is now planned. Tidying as I go home for christmas on thursday and when I come back up I want it to be nice and tidy, just seems that much more welcoming I think.

Well the tidying hasn't happened and I half did photos but still so many I haven't done. Oops.

Well I am now home for christmas now, the tree still isn't up but hopefully will be this weekend. Honestly today has been so busy, I went out to get some of the food for christmas and some wrapping paper for presents.

Now I am just sitting on the sofa watching law and order, up to series 4 now. Am slowing getting there. I have wrapped most of the presents up now but am still to write any cards.