Monday, 16 November 2015

Weekly Blog Diary

Monday 9th

What can I say about today, it was rainy today got a little wet, though honestly I do love the rain, I think it sounds so peaceful and calming. Though watching is better than being in it. 

Except for the rain I went to a moving image workshop today and restarted a project I've been planning for a good year and a bit now. It will get done eventually, think I'm putting it off because it will be about two and a half hours (the video) so will take months and months if not longer to do.

Food shopping was also on my list, bought nothing of interest. List of items in case you are interested- 
3x Jars of Tikka Masala
3x Apple Juice
2x ice lollies
1x Milk
1x pack of Aero chocolate Mouses
1x Terrys chocolate orange
8x paprika Mccoys crisps

told you it wasn't interesting but why not include it.

Then just TV pretty much, the new series of RHOA has started I am so happy about it, I have been obsessed with it for years now. Sheree is back too!! Cant wait especially as Sheree and Kenya already have got off on the wrong foot. But I will stop incase it bores you but I love it so much. But I know no one else who watches it. 

The other thing I watched today was Lewis, I am finally up to date with it now. That brings me to now pretty much. Unless you also want to know that I wrote and posted my Benefit post today, that you probably already know as this will be published on Sunday. 

Monday 16th

Oops so I guess my new idea of a weekly blog didn't go to well, only writing in one day of it.

To be fair not much actually happened during the week, I did so screen printing, then other than that I have started to watch Jersey Shore, never seen it before but love Geordie Shore so thought why not. It took a while to get into as they aren't as wild as Geordie Shore but I just love Snooki in it. I am onto the fourth season already...oops. I guess that tells you were most of my week has gone.

My dissertation has been pushed to the side a bit...just need a day where I have no distractions.

On Saturday though me and my friend decided to go to this shop that is only meant to be under half hour walk but somewhere I have never been before. Its on an industrial estate and don't really go to those as obviously most people don't. Anyway it was raining when we left the flat and the rain only got worse, we got a little lost and it took us little over an hour to get there. It was ridiculous have to get google maps up on our phones. I suppose it was worth it in the end but wasn't half a job getting there.

Well that was pretty much my week only a little late. I hope you all had a great week and I'll try and do better this week. Fingers crossed.