Thursday, 26 November 2015

Weekly 5 Product Review

This weeks review is beauty based. 

No 7 Naturally Sunkissed Body Lotion- I know that I talked about this when I got it but don't think I have since (sorry if I have) well I just love this lotion I'm about half way through it now. I wouldn't say that it makes me look tanned as such. This isn't a fake tan but has made me look sun kissed. This lotion is normally £10 with is rather pricey but my student budget (I had a five pound voucher, so got 50% off). I would buy this again but wouldnt be making this my everyday body lotion but will use it when I want that sun kissed look in winter. Side note the smell is pretty nice I wouldn't say it is really scented which is good some lotions smell too much for me, especially the ones you get to make you look tanned usually have a horrible smell you can't get rid of.

Bed Head Self Absorbed Shampoo - I bought this really recently so have only used a few times so far but I am just so impressed. The amount of shampoos that I have used that say they nourish your hair and don't is ridiculous. This shampoo has quite a strong orange smell to it which I am okay with as I love oranges, but even if you aren't that keen on the smell I would still try this shampoo, after using this my hair feels silky and not dry at all with is amazing because after bleaching it to blonde a couple of months back Ive tried so many things to get it back to normal and this works so much better than anything else I have tried. I got this in the sale at B&M for £4.99 which is ridiculous given how much they normally cost. It is save to say I will be going to B&M hoping they still have some left. 

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Mask - I am about a third through this tub and it is great, especially after using the shampoo above. Softest hair has felt in ages. Unlike many hair mask this one only stays on for a minute which is much better. I have no idea how it works so well in such a little time but this I will be using at least once a week from now on. Would definitely say to go and buy this, the price is pretty cheap compared to other hair masks.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer - I really like this primer, I wasn't too sure when I bought it but I have loved everything I have bought for Soap & Glory pretty much. I would say that this primer is most like Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer, in terms of the texture, quite wet feel to it, it glides over your face smoothly leaving your skin soft. It keeps my make up on all day which is hard to find with oily skin. I love this primer but I wouldn't say its as good as Benefits but this is considerably cheaper and more affordable. I feel as though this will be my everyday primer and Benefits will be my special going out primer. But would definitely say to go and check out this primer if you are looking for a new one at a cheapish price.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation - this is the second ever only item from Soap & Glory that I haven't loved. The foundation is a liquid to powder formula and this just doesn't agree with me. Usually I have a liquid foundation on with powder foundation over the top, that sets my foundation in really well.  This foundation was too powdery for me and felt myself seeing parts of my face looking streaky and powdery from the foundation, this is due to my oily skin. I need that liquid foundation as a base. I have been mixing this foundation in with my sephora foundation and it works perfectly well but on its own it just isn't for me. If you have an oily complexion I wouldn't get this foundation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, I have noticed I've written quite a bit. Sorry if its too much reading for you. 

What foundations have you been trying?