Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Body Jewellery Shop **

**PR Sample was gifted this but the opinions below are my own.

Right so I might be rather boring in my day to day jewellery, always the same necklace, watch and bracelet, but my earrings do change a lot more frequently. I'm one of those people that has 100 random pairs of earrings in her jewellery box but always has nothing to wear.

Nose Piercings

I got my nose pierced over 6 years ago and have never fallen out of love with it. Though every now and then I want to change up my stud. I have made the mistake before of buying studs that aren't curved but straight. It is a massive mistake as if they aren't curved I am just always losing them, they just fall out whenever, especially when sleeping. I vowed never to buy anything but curved since.

This pack is just amazing it is only £5.95 and is five studs, thats so cheap, I've gone to Claire's before and they are just so much more expensive and I don't think they were even curved ones so I lost most of them, as well as the gems falling out of some.

Theres five different colours in the pack, clear, blue, pink, purple and green. I love all the colour minus the green which isn't bad going. I have tried out the blue one so far and I love it, it is smaller than the one I have been using so is more discrete but looks great in.

Honestly head on over to their website they have so much choice!! I've never seen so much choice for nose studs.

Ear Piercings

This feather earring is just so beautiful. It is a tragus bar but can also be used for pinna (apparently that is top of your ear, who knew) and as a normal earring. I just love the look of this, I haven't tried it yet but I will very soon. This earring is only £2.95 which is just ridiculously cheap as it is silver and steel.

Ear Cuff

As you know I do love a good ear cuff but have found the clipping part to hurt your ears, this one doesn't though so can wear as much as I like. As you can see it has a curved part that is bendable so clips around your ear that way. Which is much more comfortable, honestly could wear this all day and it wouldn't hurt one bit. Better than the comfort as this cuff is the actual price, the ones I already have I got for about 4 or 5 pounds (in the sale - one of them) and this beauty is only £2.49. So to be honest is just a win win, comfort for my ears included.

I hope you have liked this post, and if you like the item please go and check out Body Jewellery Shop's website.