Monday, 16 November 2015

Primark Pyjama Haul

So the other day I went a little crazy on in the pyjama section.

Derek the sheep tops were in the sale so I might of bought the top and the jumper. They are just so cute.

Next to Derek top is this beautiful scarf , then the softest jumper I have seen in forever it is a massive baggy jumper. Which is perfect for me.

In the top if the beautiful dark grey blanket, it is so super soft. It was only £5 and unbelievable soft.

The Mickey Mouse Naught or Nice top is the best thing that I picked up, amazingly in was in the sale for £3 so I bought two, in different sizes. 

The last thing I got from Primark was the dark blue shorts that are just so cute and go really well with my Mickey tops.

I did warn you I went overboard on Pyjamas but the fact they were all in the sale except the shorts does make me feel a bit better.

See you again soon.



ps. anyone else have an obsession with pjs?