Monday, 9 November 2015

Benefit's Christmas Gifts

So this year I managed to get Benefit's advent calendar, I was so happy as last year I thought I ordered it but the order didn't process. Was a very sad time, but now I have this years just always facing me when I am in my flat.

Sadly I can't afford all the christmas sets they are doing this year, one day maybe but can't see that being anytime soon. Right, to the gifts:)

(ps these are gifts to myself- sad I know)

On the right is the advent calendar, this years one is only 12 days, sad but on the plus sad it is a lot cheaper than last years. The miniatures inside are Porefessional, Badgal Lash, Lollitint, Ooh La Lift, They're Real, High Beam, Total Moisture Facial Cream, Ultra Plush - Hoola, Ultra Plush - Sugarbomb, Watts Up, They're Real Remover and Rockateur.  Thats a long list, also it has 12 days of christmas that it sings, a beauty version obviously. 

Moving onto the tin, which I think I might use to keep the products I want to do reviews on, then pull them out so its a lucky dip of what I do everytime. These four products are inside, I already own them all...but my gimme brow was running low so thought why not get it in a set. 

Along with the Gimme Brow is Hoola bronzer, They're Real Mascara and High Beam Highlighter.

Amazingly this was a freebie, I know it is shocking, its £19.50 to buy as they sell it as well. I am in love with how cute it looks, and have yet to use it. It has four neutral and brown shades eyeshadows in with stay don't stray eyelid primer and they're real mascara. 

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Though instagram is what I am glued to.