Monday, 23 November 2015

A few beauty products haul

A random short post on my latest beauty purchases.

I got Bed Head shampoo in B&M the other day as it was only 4.99 on the offer. I have wanted to try Bed Head for some time but usually find it too pricey.

Also this months glamour magazine as it comes with a clinque mini (I got the mascara, they were out of lipsticks).

Three Dove natural tan body lotion, I have tried my mum's but it was too dark for me, it was the medium to dark one. I'm just too pale so I thought I would try the fair to medium one hoping it wouldn't look orangey on me. I got three as were £1.99 each from Home Bargains.

I said it was a short. Sorry I'm spending so much time on my dissertation at the moment. (sad face).