Friday, 27 November 2015

Magazine Freebies

So this month is a pretty good month for magazine freebies, these were the two I wanted the most though. 

And today I finally found both of them, finally glamour clinque lipstick that I have been looking for all month (already got the mascara the other week) and Elle with Benefit's new mascara primer. 

So today is a pretty good day and I am pretty happy with my freebies. Just hope next months are as good.



Thursday, 26 November 2015

Weekly 5 Product Review

This weeks review is beauty based. 

No 7 Naturally Sunkissed Body Lotion- I know that I talked about this when I got it but don't think I have since (sorry if I have) well I just love this lotion I'm about half way through it now. I wouldn't say that it makes me look tanned as such. This isn't a fake tan but has made me look sun kissed. This lotion is normally £10 with is rather pricey but my student budget (I had a five pound voucher, so got 50% off). I would buy this again but wouldnt be making this my everyday body lotion but will use it when I want that sun kissed look in winter. Side note the smell is pretty nice I wouldn't say it is really scented which is good some lotions smell too much for me, especially the ones you get to make you look tanned usually have a horrible smell you can't get rid of.

Bed Head Self Absorbed Shampoo - I bought this really recently so have only used a few times so far but I am just so impressed. The amount of shampoos that I have used that say they nourish your hair and don't is ridiculous. This shampoo has quite a strong orange smell to it which I am okay with as I love oranges, but even if you aren't that keen on the smell I would still try this shampoo, after using this my hair feels silky and not dry at all with is amazing because after bleaching it to blonde a couple of months back Ive tried so many things to get it back to normal and this works so much better than anything else I have tried. I got this in the sale at B&M for £4.99 which is ridiculous given how much they normally cost. It is save to say I will be going to B&M hoping they still have some left. 

Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Mineral Hair Rescue Mask - I am about a third through this tub and it is great, especially after using the shampoo above. Softest hair has felt in ages. Unlike many hair mask this one only stays on for a minute which is much better. I have no idea how it works so well in such a little time but this I will be using at least once a week from now on. Would definitely say to go and buy this, the price is pretty cheap compared to other hair masks.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Primer - I really like this primer, I wasn't too sure when I bought it but I have loved everything I have bought for Soap & Glory pretty much. I would say that this primer is most like Laura Mercier's Foundation Primer, in terms of the texture, quite wet feel to it, it glides over your face smoothly leaving your skin soft. It keeps my make up on all day which is hard to find with oily skin. I love this primer but I wouldn't say its as good as Benefits but this is considerably cheaper and more affordable. I feel as though this will be my everyday primer and Benefits will be my special going out primer. But would definitely say to go and check out this primer if you are looking for a new one at a cheapish price.

Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot Foundation - this is the second ever only item from Soap & Glory that I haven't loved. The foundation is a liquid to powder formula and this just doesn't agree with me. Usually I have a liquid foundation on with powder foundation over the top, that sets my foundation in really well.  This foundation was too powdery for me and felt myself seeing parts of my face looking streaky and powdery from the foundation, this is due to my oily skin. I need that liquid foundation as a base. I have been mixing this foundation in with my sephora foundation and it works perfectly well but on its own it just isn't for me. If you have an oily complexion I wouldn't get this foundation.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, I have noticed I've written quite a bit. Sorry if its too much reading for you. 

What foundations have you been trying?



Monday, 23 November 2015

A few beauty products haul

A random short post on my latest beauty purchases.

I got Bed Head shampoo in B&M the other day as it was only 4.99 on the offer. I have wanted to try Bed Head for some time but usually find it too pricey.

Also this months glamour magazine as it comes with a clinque mini (I got the mascara, they were out of lipsticks).

Three Dove natural tan body lotion, I have tried my mum's but it was too dark for me, it was the medium to dark one. I'm just too pale so I thought I would try the fair to medium one hoping it wouldn't look orangey on me. I got three as were £1.99 each from Home Bargains.

I said it was a short. Sorry I'm spending so much time on my dissertation at the moment. (sad face).



Monday, 16 November 2015

Weekly Blog Diary

Monday 9th

What can I say about today, it was rainy today got a little wet, though honestly I do love the rain, I think it sounds so peaceful and calming. Though watching is better than being in it. 

Except for the rain I went to a moving image workshop today and restarted a project I've been planning for a good year and a bit now. It will get done eventually, think I'm putting it off because it will be about two and a half hours (the video) so will take months and months if not longer to do.

Food shopping was also on my list, bought nothing of interest. List of items in case you are interested- 
3x Jars of Tikka Masala
3x Apple Juice
2x ice lollies
1x Milk
1x pack of Aero chocolate Mouses
1x Terrys chocolate orange
8x paprika Mccoys crisps

told you it wasn't interesting but why not include it.

Then just TV pretty much, the new series of RHOA has started I am so happy about it, I have been obsessed with it for years now. Sheree is back too!! Cant wait especially as Sheree and Kenya already have got off on the wrong foot. But I will stop incase it bores you but I love it so much. But I know no one else who watches it. 

The other thing I watched today was Lewis, I am finally up to date with it now. That brings me to now pretty much. Unless you also want to know that I wrote and posted my Benefit post today, that you probably already know as this will be published on Sunday. 

Monday 16th

Oops so I guess my new idea of a weekly blog didn't go to well, only writing in one day of it.

To be fair not much actually happened during the week, I did so screen printing, then other than that I have started to watch Jersey Shore, never seen it before but love Geordie Shore so thought why not. It took a while to get into as they aren't as wild as Geordie Shore but I just love Snooki in it. I am onto the fourth season already...oops. I guess that tells you were most of my week has gone.

My dissertation has been pushed to the side a bit...just need a day where I have no distractions.

On Saturday though me and my friend decided to go to this shop that is only meant to be under half hour walk but somewhere I have never been before. Its on an industrial estate and don't really go to those as obviously most people don't. Anyway it was raining when we left the flat and the rain only got worse, we got a little lost and it took us little over an hour to get there. It was ridiculous have to get google maps up on our phones. I suppose it was worth it in the end but wasn't half a job getting there.

Well that was pretty much my week only a little late. I hope you all had a great week and I'll try and do better this week. Fingers crossed.



Primark Pyjama Haul

So the other day I went a little crazy on in the pyjama section.

Derek the sheep tops were in the sale so I might of bought the top and the jumper. They are just so cute.

Next to Derek top is this beautiful scarf , then the softest jumper I have seen in forever it is a massive baggy jumper. Which is perfect for me.

In the top if the beautiful dark grey blanket, it is so super soft. It was only £5 and unbelievable soft.

The Mickey Mouse Naught or Nice top is the best thing that I picked up, amazingly in was in the sale for £3 so I bought two, in different sizes. 

The last thing I got from Primark was the dark blue shorts that are just so cute and go really well with my Mickey tops.

I did warn you I went overboard on Pyjamas but the fact they were all in the sale except the shorts does make me feel a bit better.

See you again soon.



ps. anyone else have an obsession with pjs?

November Birchbox 2015 Uk

This months birchbox was with Skinny Dip, you could upgrade for £4 and get a phone case, but as my phone is iPhone 4S they probably wouldn't fit my phone. I know my phone is old.

From Left to Right, the bottom

Pure & Light Organic Revitalising Facial Exfoliation

Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Delarom Creme Acquaconfort

Cowshed Cow Pat Hand Cream

Lord and Berry Silhouette Neutral Lip Liner

L.Erickson Grab & Go Ponytail Holder

So Far I haven't tried any of the products except the hair band which I love but will review at a later date.



Monday, 9 November 2015

Benefit's Christmas Gifts

So this year I managed to get Benefit's advent calendar, I was so happy as last year I thought I ordered it but the order didn't process. Was a very sad time, but now I have this years just always facing me when I am in my flat.

Sadly I can't afford all the christmas sets they are doing this year, one day maybe but can't see that being anytime soon. Right, to the gifts:)

(ps these are gifts to myself- sad I know)

On the right is the advent calendar, this years one is only 12 days, sad but on the plus sad it is a lot cheaper than last years. The miniatures inside are Porefessional, Badgal Lash, Lollitint, Ooh La Lift, They're Real, High Beam, Total Moisture Facial Cream, Ultra Plush - Hoola, Ultra Plush - Sugarbomb, Watts Up, They're Real Remover and Rockateur.  Thats a long list, also it has 12 days of christmas that it sings, a beauty version obviously. 

Moving onto the tin, which I think I might use to keep the products I want to do reviews on, then pull them out so its a lucky dip of what I do everytime. These four products are inside, I already own them all...but my gimme brow was running low so thought why not get it in a set. 

Along with the Gimme Brow is Hoola bronzer, They're Real Mascara and High Beam Highlighter.

Amazingly this was a freebie, I know it is shocking, its £19.50 to buy as they sell it as well. I am in love with how cute it looks, and have yet to use it. It has four neutral and brown shades eyeshadows in with stay don't stray eyelid primer and they're real mascara. 

I hope you have liked this post, feels quite a short post. Please go ahead and follow me on any of my social media or even better all of them. :)

Though instagram is what I am glued to.



Tuesday, 3 November 2015

The Body Jewellery Shop **

**PR Sample was gifted this but the opinions below are my own.

Right so I might be rather boring in my day to day jewellery, always the same necklace, watch and bracelet, but my earrings do change a lot more frequently. I'm one of those people that has 100 random pairs of earrings in her jewellery box but always has nothing to wear.

Nose Piercings

I got my nose pierced over 6 years ago and have never fallen out of love with it. Though every now and then I want to change up my stud. I have made the mistake before of buying studs that aren't curved but straight. It is a massive mistake as if they aren't curved I am just always losing them, they just fall out whenever, especially when sleeping. I vowed never to buy anything but curved since.

This pack is just amazing it is only £5.95 and is five studs, thats so cheap, I've gone to Claire's before and they are just so much more expensive and I don't think they were even curved ones so I lost most of them, as well as the gems falling out of some.

Theres five different colours in the pack, clear, blue, pink, purple and green. I love all the colour minus the green which isn't bad going. I have tried out the blue one so far and I love it, it is smaller than the one I have been using so is more discrete but looks great in.

Honestly head on over to their website they have so much choice!! I've never seen so much choice for nose studs.

Ear Piercings

This feather earring is just so beautiful. It is a tragus bar but can also be used for pinna (apparently that is top of your ear, who knew) and as a normal earring. I just love the look of this, I haven't tried it yet but I will very soon. This earring is only £2.95 which is just ridiculously cheap as it is silver and steel.

Ear Cuff

As you know I do love a good ear cuff but have found the clipping part to hurt your ears, this one doesn't though so can wear as much as I like. As you can see it has a curved part that is bendable so clips around your ear that way. Which is much more comfortable, honestly could wear this all day and it wouldn't hurt one bit. Better than the comfort as this cuff is the actual price, the ones I already have I got for about 4 or 5 pounds (in the sale - one of them) and this beauty is only £2.49. So to be honest is just a win win, comfort for my ears included.

I hope you have liked this post, and if you like the item please go and check out Body Jewellery Shop's website.