Sunday, 4 October 2015

Weekly Diary Post

This week has been long and quick at the same time I guess, some of the days have stretched out but the week as a whole has been rather quick.

What I've done that won't be considered as boring is rather short, pretty much just shopping other than that my week has been going to lectures and planning out my dissertation. I find that interesting but I doubt many other people will do.

My flat amazingly has managed to stay pretty much spotless but we will see how long that lasts for. Though I must admit that Netflix has been on quite a bit...mainly Pretty Little Liars (few episodes into season 4 now) does anyone else google ahead to find out what happens? Dont know if it is just something weird that I do. Watching a movie, a series or sometimes a book (though with books I just read ahead) I am usually always sitting there googling as I don't have the patience to wait for the short amount of time before I find out....

The other show I have been watching to Netflix is Scream, yes it is the movie sequel...I was so excited when I saw this. I love scream its just a hilarious Slasher Movie and I do love my Slasher Movies as well as all other horror movies though Paranormal ones sometimes annoying me.

So excited to watch the whole series but I'm limiting myself to one a day of them of they'd all be watched in one sitting (Scream TV series incase I confused you what talking about).

Okay I think I have pretty much summed up my week, well the tv in my week so see you next week.

Hows your week been? Any TV suggesting would love to know