Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Blog Diary Post

So this week has gone by quite quickly, I'm getting quite use to living by myself. I could get used to it, though won't be able to watch too many scary movies by myself. The main thing to get used it is putting all my stuff away as my flat is open plan, you can see the mess wherever you are. Just something I have to get used to.

Moving on to what I have actually been doing, well watching a lot of netflix, it always seems to be on, its just too addictive. I've been going back to my childhood quite a bit recently, with Rugrats and H2O. Really should of moved on from childrens programmes by now. When I've not been glued to netflix the rest of my time has been spent either on my dissertation or on drawing.

On wednesday we had an amazing lecture by Paul Davis about his work and it has inspired me to start my drawings again.

Somehow shopping once again managed to peak its sneaky little head in as well. I bought these amazing photo frames from paper chase. I will photograph them soon and upload but want to put photos in them first.

Also got a new foundation, concealer and primer from soap & glory, along with their spot cream. I love their spot cream it works so well for me. I've used loads of different ones but this one works the quickest. From boots I also picked up a new deodorant if you were interested.

I think this is pretty much my week unless you want to know about my lectures.

Overall I would have to say that the week has gone pretty okay, only problem is I'm still not 100% and still been taking medicine i.e. lemsip drink which is really annoying when you don't have a kettle, mine was broken and haven't bought another one. I only drink hot chocolate and prefer that with milk anyway, also I keep forgetting to take the yucky drink.

I hope you week has been good:) and I'm off my make my yucky drink while I still remember.