Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tiger Haul

So I went into a big Tiger store the other day for one thing and as usual ended up with quite a few. Though I did get everything to complete my desk. 

Lets start off with the more boring, a week planner of 2016 to plan out my life and also a magnetic pad to put on the fridge for my shopping list.

Moving on to slightly more exciting purchases I got, some tape with I think is just so cool and perfect for my scrapbook. Next is actual a present I got for someone, I wanted one for myself but they didn't have another one. Its just such a cute photo album.

I also picked up the hourglass in blue as it was pretty cool looking and think its a good way to forced myself to do exercise and other things timed.

Back to boring things for a second I got this small sieve in mint green as its so cute and a great size for living with a small kitchen.

Next to it is a milk saucepan which is really sad but I do love my milk hot chocolate and this measures it so well.

Now we have got to my favourite purchases from Tiger, take a second just to take it how beautiful the photo above is. 

Firstly is two unscented mint green pillar candles, the colour is gorgeous as just love mint green. One will go on my desk and fits in with my lamp, the other is for backup when its used up.

Next is the two white pen holder (not sure what else to call them) this is what I actually went into Tiger for and these look so cool. Couldn't pick one size so got a big and small one. I will use one for pens and the other for paintbrushes.

Now the lovely rose gold tray I guess it is called I just thought would make a great decoration for these to go in. This is how it will be displayed on my desk as love this look so much, though obviously with just one candle.

These four mini candles just looked so cute and are scented in green tea.

The cups where just so amazing and great for storing different makeup bits in. 

Lastly I got this sipping straw jar glass, it isn't as good as the heart and moustache ones they did last year.

I hope you liked this post and the purchases I made. 

Hope to see you back soon :)



ps. you been to tiger recently? what you get?