Friday, 2 October 2015

September Monthly Favorites

My favourites for this month is a really random selection.

Ikea's new Flamingo Glass is one of my favourite things, it is such a cute glass and was only 50p.

My other favourite glass is a Jane Foster Glass.

Things to do list (this one from Primark £3) This one looks really cute and fun and have found it so helpful to keep myself organised.

Terry's Orange selection - every christmas this is my favourite snacks that come out as they no longer do Stars and Hoops Hula Hoops. Already eaten so many of these and not even October....

Lastly my make up favourites - Lord & Berry Lip Crayon in shade Fire just a lovely bright red that is just great for the summer but not so much for autumn.

Next up is The Balm Cindy Lou Manizer which I just love so much am so happy to have purchased this and has become my new favourite thing.

What have you loved this month?



See you again soon:)