Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My Halloween Movie List

So with halloween just around the corner its not surprising to say that it is one of my favourite times of the year, being as huge a horror movie fan as I am.

So this year I have decided on the 13 horror movies I want to watch and share them with you. Some I have seen and love whilst others are new to me. Dont worry I won't tell you any of the plots incase you don't want to know before watching.

So what are we waiting for? Lets get started.......

1. In the top spot it has to be Halloween, the original one of course not Rob Zombies remake as that sucks. This is just such a great film

2. Friday the 13th need another classic cult horror movie, they are cult ones for a reason. Dont really think much else needs to be said about it.

3. Orphan I just love this movie, I think its the twist in it. Its just so good.

4. So for every horror Movie collection you need an old classic and my pick for this Halloween is White Zombie from 1932, it is a great movie somewhat underrated. It was the time when universal started to release horror movies and this one is great though Zombies are very different to what we now believe them to be.

5. Scream You need a funny horror to break up the horror movies and Scream is just perfect. There is now a TV series and it is amazing! watched it all in one sitting so go and watch that too.

6. A good old Slasher Movie is exactly what you need for Halloween and I have picked Madman, which surprising I haven't watched yet despite it being about a man with an Axe my favourite weapon  for a killer to use.

7. Hammer Horror has to be on the list for any essential horror night. though I have had trouble trying to narrow it down to just the one movie. Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde is my chosen one thing halloween, I have only watched it once and though not my favourite Hammer it is still pretty good. Though I might also watch Demons of the Mind though not seen before.

8. Obviously Dracula has to be on the list and I have picked this one, Dracula Vs Frankenstein from 1971. It is one that I haven't seen before and I'm sure it might well be bad but who doesn't love a bad horror movie?

9. Psycho has to go on this list, though not my favourite Hitchcock it is one of the scarier ones. My favourite being Rope.

10. The Shining, Stephen King can't be forgotten about though I would prefer to must IT in this list, it is technically not a movie and is rather long. So the Shining it is.

11. Sleepy Hollow, I remember watching this movie whilst I was growing up (it came out when I was 6) and I have always loved it but never considered it to be a horror movie, just one of my favourites. But it is a horror movie so welcome to the list.

12. I just had to go for a shark attack movie, though Jaws is too predictable and so is the sharknado films so decided to go for Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda sounds terrible and I'm sure it will be which is why I'm looking forward to this one.

13. Lastly is a recent Slasher move L.A. Slasher that I have wanted to watch and am excited that I finally get to watch this.

I know many of this list are well known Movies but they are well known for a reason and there is a few more obscure ones in this list.

I hope you have a great halloween and if you watch any of these movies let me know what you think. Or let me know what horror movies you are planning on watching.

Cheerio and happy halloween:)