Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mascara of the Week - Week 1

Topshop 3D Curve Mascara has been elected as the first mascara review mainly due to not finishing the last one yet...oops.

I really like this mascara I wouldn't go as far to say that I love it, but it does make your lashes look kind of fuller and curled look so they stand out but not over the top. I usually like more over the top lashes so they look fake but not quite fake.

Will I buy this Mascara again?

Well I bought this one in a set in the sale after christmas, it came with an eyeliner and eyeshadow palette, if they are doing the set again I might pick it up (as long as isn't the same eyeshadow palette). But if I wouldn't ever buy this mascara on its own then the answer is no, I have nothing against it but I have tried better ones in the same price bracket as this.

What mascaras do you like?