Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Art in London - The Other Art Fair

So last friday I spent the day in London going to art exhibitions. I decided I wanted to write about them but looking through my photos I decided it would be best to do a post on each different place I went. Got a bit crazy with my camera, so sit back and relax.

So the other art fair I didn't actually realise it was on but walked by it and decided to go in.

First before the pictures though I will tell you my favourite part of the exhibition. Before entering the exhibition you have the chose to be blindfolded as you make your way up the 27 steps to the exhibition, with headphones on. Guiding you to the top, it takes 12 minutes.

 At a later date I will do a post about my favourites but there is too many to write about them all.

Hope you like the photos their artwork is amazing.