Thursday, 8 October 2015

8th October Blog Diary Entry

So today I have decided to do something a little different, I'm finally going to start using lookbook, I joined a few months ago but have yet to do anything on it. So thought today is the perfect day to do my first look on it.

My look I thought would be quite simple, a going round london look.

Why now?
Well my hair is finally not terrible but not saying its good yet either. I see hair as a frame for your face, just like with art, if the frame is ugly no matter how good the artwork it is ruined. I hope this makes sense to people..hows I am definitely an art student though, even hair I consider through art terms.

Anyway going off topic a bit, though I think with a diary entry you can't really go off topic, but who knows.

Click here for my lookbook account and please follow:)

Getting my look post is coming up soon:) will link here when finished it:)