Monday, 26 October 2015

Too Faced and the Balm Haul from T k Maxx T J Maxx

So the other day I went slightly overboard in TK Maxx the other day.


Stila Jewel Eye Shadow in Blue Sapphire - This is a lovely sparkly dark blue that will look great on, only problem is when I opened it the eyeshadow fell out on to me, all broken. Luckily onto my trousers so most of it is saved. Though this is rather annoying and will mean I will have to be careful when using this. 

Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner - Rock Candy as a rule I hate liquid eyeliner but I thought I would give this one a go, its a lovely brown sparkly eyeliner.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner - Black Amethyst I love this eyeliner, I already have it in brown so when I saw the black I grabbed it.

Accessorize Mascara - I bought this as the packaging was just so beautiful. 

Stila Lipstick - I am not too sure about this shade but thought that I would give it a go.

Too Faced Colour Bomb - Eastwood Red Lip tint.

Too Faced Amazing Face- Warm Vanilla I bought this as it was only £7, but I have since tried and fallen in love with this.

Nails Inc - The Southbank a gorgeous light grey.

TooFaced Natural Kiss lip collection.

Too Faced Bronzing Palette

Tooth paste holder - silver and white stripped.

Jane Austen Quote Book

The Balm Voyage Palette - This palette is just so amazing with a selection of eyeshadows, lips and cheeks.

Camera weekly Planner.

I will do a full review of all these items in time. Hope you like what I bought.

What have you bought recently?


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Weekly Blog Diary Post

So this week has gone by quite quickly, I'm getting quite use to living by myself. I could get used to it, though won't be able to watch too many scary movies by myself. The main thing to get used it is putting all my stuff away as my flat is open plan, you can see the mess wherever you are. Just something I have to get used to.

Moving on to what I have actually been doing, well watching a lot of netflix, it always seems to be on, its just too addictive. I've been going back to my childhood quite a bit recently, with Rugrats and H2O. Really should of moved on from childrens programmes by now. When I've not been glued to netflix the rest of my time has been spent either on my dissertation or on drawing.

On wednesday we had an amazing lecture by Paul Davis about his work and it has inspired me to start my drawings again.

Somehow shopping once again managed to peak its sneaky little head in as well. I bought these amazing photo frames from paper chase. I will photograph them soon and upload but want to put photos in them first.

Also got a new foundation, concealer and primer from soap & glory, along with their spot cream. I love their spot cream it works so well for me. I've used loads of different ones but this one works the quickest. From boots I also picked up a new deodorant if you were interested.

I think this is pretty much my week unless you want to know about my lectures.

Overall I would have to say that the week has gone pretty okay, only problem is I'm still not 100% and still been taking medicine i.e. lemsip drink which is really annoying when you don't have a kettle, mine was broken and haven't bought another one. I only drink hot chocolate and prefer that with milk anyway, also I keep forgetting to take the yucky drink.

I hope you week has been good:) and I'm off my make my yucky drink while I still remember.


Saturday, 24 October 2015

YSL Babydoll - Mascara of the Week - Week 2

 So the mascara I picked for this week is YSL Babydoll Mascara Volume. The wand of this mascara is plastic long and straight with small bristles all the way round, this makes your lashes spread out and applies the mascara to each lash separately. Giving your lashes the lovely effect of long doll like lashes. I really like this mascara when I want my lashes to have volume but not to be too noticeable.

Have you ever tried this mascara?

Cheerio, till next time:)


Thursday, 22 October 2015

Art in London -Truman Brewery - Arran Gregory - Hunt

So continuing on from my post the other day this is the actual exhibition I went for and the other art fair was around the corner from. Click here for The Other Art Fair

I was really excited to see Arran Gregory's work as I've been a massive fan ever since I saw his work in AlunaGeorge's music video.

I just love his work so much, each one of these mirrored leopards was handmade and there were 20 in this space. Gregory shows the Amur leopard which from being hunted is nearly extinct with only 60 left in the wild.

Literally could look at his work all day.

Cheerio hope you like his work as much as I do.


5 Product Weekly Review

Honestly these products have become my favourite beauty products at the moment, I just love them so much.

The earcuff is from Forever 21 and is just so pretty on, even though one of the gems has fallen out. It is also really comfortable to my ear, I got one from Miss Selfridge the other day and it is just painful to my ear after an hour. 

Nails Inc - I swear half of my collection is Nails Inc, the other half being Essie. This is a colour I have wanted for ages, a lovely pale grey and it is just so much nicer than I could of imagined. Its called the Southbank, which is funny as thats one of my favourite parts of london. Anyway back to the nail varnish, I love Nails Inc as they always last so much longer than most and think I managed to go nearly 3 days before I chipped them! Honestly this colour is just perfect for autumn and winter is you don't want a wow bright colour. I mean its a nice subtle colour.

Too Faced Amazing Face Foundation - Okay it is official my Benefit some kinda gorgeous has been replaced at the top spot. This foundation is not only the perfect colour for me but the coverage is amazing. It's feels lovely and light not heavy at all and it lasts all day, and the coverage is really good. My face is pretty spotty and blotchy at the moment and this foundation covers it so well that I need pretty much no concealer except for around my eyes. Also it doesn't make my skin feel itchy and oily with is a great bonus and quite a few do after 5 or 6 hours. Need this foundation forever, also it is making me really want to try their Born this Way.

Benefit Air Patrol BB Eyelid Primer- I love this product so much I have also been using it for coverage under my eyes covering the puffyness and it has worked a dream. This product full sized is rather pricey but I might just have to get it, though I will try my sample of Puff Off first. 

Lastly is a product from H&M's new beauty range, I went to their pop up shop in Brick Lane and this eyeshadow was one of the products I picked up. Its in the shade Chin Chin, it is a lovely sparkly champagne taupe colour. Its such a high pigmented eyeshadow that I might have to get a palette soon. The packaging of it is also just so gorgeous that even if I hated this eyeshadow I would keep it in my make up bag. 

Do you like the look of any of these products?

Cheerio:) till next time


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Art in London - The Other Art Fair

So last friday I spent the day in London going to art exhibitions. I decided I wanted to write about them but looking through my photos I decided it would be best to do a post on each different place I went. Got a bit crazy with my camera, so sit back and relax.

So the other art fair I didn't actually realise it was on but walked by it and decided to go in.

First before the pictures though I will tell you my favourite part of the exhibition. Before entering the exhibition you have the chose to be blindfolded as you make your way up the 27 steps to the exhibition, with headphones on. Guiding you to the top, it takes 12 minutes.

 At a later date I will do a post about my favourites but there is too many to write about them all.

Hope you like the photos their artwork is amazing.