Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Liz Earle Order

So yesterday I had three deliveries arrive for me, very unusual and make me feel quite rich (for all of five minutes). 

Honestly I can't say what parcel I was more excited about receiving, but this post is about my Liz Earle delivery so lets get started.

It is quite short as I only ordered one thing (well a set of 4 things) and some small trial samples that came free.

This is the set that I bought. 

The first two things are my usual purchases the cleanse and polish and Skin Tonic (also two cloths can with it but already used them...couldn't help myself).

Next was the Superskin Moisturiser with I had been eyeing up for a while now but the price tag put me off a little. Especially as I am still yet to try the normal Liz Earle one yet (still working way through some Soap & Glory ones). 

But as it came as part of the set I convinced myself to try this out and I'll be sure to tell you about it soon enough. But pretty excited about this. 

Next is this Botanical Shine Nourishing Hair Oil that I really want to try out especially since the Telegraphs article on Hair Masks. This product I have actually already tried out despite only arriving yesterday and was so excited to try it out. Especially as my hair is really dried out at the moment due to changing hair colours and I have to tell you that this product is amazing. 

I won't say anymore as this post isn't about reviewing this and want to try it out a few more times first but my hair is so much softer and shinier.

Now onto the free samples that came with my order....
who doesn't love a free sample..

Will do the sample from left to right as easiest

The first sample it Botanical Essence No. 20. I am really picky with perfume but it smells nice though might be a bit too strong for me but will try it out.

Next is Orange Flower Botanical Body Wash which smells so nice (so much better than the Soap and Glory Orangeasm that I'm using at the moment - the scent is a bit too strong).

Next you can probably tell is just a mini travel size Skin Tonic which I can save for if but hopefully when I go away. 

Lastly ia the Superskin Face Serum which I have been seeing everywhere lastly (maybe be on Liz Earle Website too much) and it looks amazing but the price is a bit too steep for me at the moment still being a student. But will let you know what I think.

Well that is it for this post sadly but I must really love what I got as have written this so quickly.

Really hope you like this post and let me know if you use any Liz Earle products, really like the look of the eye brightening but still debating about it.


see you soon