Saturday, 29 August 2015

Weekend Away Travel Essentials

Thought I'd do a post on things to remember if you are going away for a weekend somewhere nice, I'm not but just too excited since I got my case...(I know I'm a total sad but just look at it...)

I think the one thing you always need if there is a pool of course is a lovely bikini (usually your favourite, mine is this Ted Baker one).

Next is probably more important is a lovely pair of heels for the evening preferably comfy to walk in though just incase. This are from Faith.

Toiletries are always important as well as your make up (don't think I really need to go through my list for this).

Obviously you need a case to put all your things in (I know I didn't really put clothes in this but thought that was a slight given:) this case is from Ted Baker). A small case should hopefully be all you need but you never know..

A nice evening outfit is obviously needed as well as clothes for during the day and clean underwear. This is a playsuit from Topshop a few years ago.

I hope you liked this post, sorry for the lack of posts recently but hopefully this will change soon.


hope to see you again soon.