Tuesday, 4 August 2015

My 5 go to Make-up Essentials this Summer

I know before you say there are six items not five but two are foundation primers so counting as one, I love them both and obviously you can't wear both at once.

1. Too Faced Cocoa Powder Foundation 

I am so in love with this item (as you can probably tell by the hole in it) not only is this powder amazingly soft on your skin and helps set my make up but it also smells amazing of cocoa (given away in the name a bit). 

Thats one thing I do hate, the horrible smell some make ups do have, mainly drugstore I know but this is making me never want to use another powder foundation again. Nothing else could smell as nice.

2. Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation

Honestly you probably already knew this one would be on the list, if you've been on my blog before. It is my summer foundation and is the only thing I've been using for the last 7/8 weeks, since my face has got slightly tanned (I know I don't look it but am slightly tanned, damn I'm pale). 

I love how it adapts to you and your skin colour, there isn't really a smell with this foundation which is good (though a nice smell like Too Faced would be amazing). Yeah, so obviously this is a must (ps obviously this isn't the order I put this make up on- damn would of been a good idea).

3. Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Mist

This is just an amazing product, I try to only use it when I'm going somewhere nice as it is quite a pricey item. You can use it as a primer for your make up but also to set it in after as well. 

I usually just use it to set my make up or I'd use it up too quick. But the smell is nice, I can't describe it but I'm sure the smell of this isn't that important.

This products locks it moisture so it makes your face look so nice and fresh looking all day, make up as perfect as when you left the house. 

4. Foundation Primers- Laura Mercier and Benefit

Both of these Primers are great both are pretty different, the Laura Mercier one both more cream like are more watery (damn really need to think of some new ways to say things). Whereas Benefit's is more sort of like foundation, it is tinted, but is quite thick compared to other Primers. 

5. Beauty Blender

This is the black Beauty Blender (the PRO) and it is so good, I thought I liked the original pink one but this one is better the surface is bigger so I find this to be really useful (I suppose it depends on what you use the blender for as to the best one for you).

I hope you have liked this post, let me know then might do more like this one.

See you again tomorrow:)