Sunday, 9 August 2015

Favourite Summer Nail Varnish

One of the greatest things about summer, minus the tan is the summery colours and we aren't talking clothes or lipstick but nail varnish!

Dont know about you but I always need to wear nail varnish (the last month I haven't to try and strengthen my nails up a bit).

Here are my narrowed down summer nails...theres seven...

1.Essie I'm addicted

I truly am addicted to Essie nail varnish and this beautiful bright blue is absolutely perfect for the summer.

2. Revlon 320 Full House

This is a gel effect nail varnish in a lovely tone, it is slightly lighter with a hint more green than the essie one above, not that it is really green. Have been in love with this varnish for a while now and it last so long.

I'm one of those people than can't make nail varnish stay unchipped for more than two days but with this its more like a week!

3. Topshop Awol

This nail varnish is such a lovely bright electric blue and have been wearing it since winter but still light enough to get away with it in summer.

4.Topshop Pool Party

This is a lovely bluey green colour or is it greeny blue can never figure out with way it goes but anyway, this colour is great for the beach and complicated pastel colours really well.

5. Nails Inc Soho Place
This is a lovely green shade not pastel but not overly green either just right. I would describe it as a slightly darker/deeper than a mint green. Which is just great for summer but then again its a colour I'd wear all year.

6. Cheeky tongue 'n' cheek

This lovely bright deep pink is just what you need for summer to get your nails noticed and has a lovely red tone to it as well.

7. Soigne Menthe

Now this one has to be my favourite out of all of these as it is a lovely mint green with a hint of blue it looks great on and so nice and pastel I am in love with it so much so have had it on my toes for the last few weeks...

I really hope you like my selection of summer varnish and hope to see you again tomorrow.



ps. whats your favourite colours for the summer?