Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Candle Collection Part 1

I wanted to do a post on my candle collection then I realised I own too many candles for yet one post so decided to do weekly instalments of candle, with around five a week I think is a good number. I hope you end up to love candle as much as I do. There is no order to the candles incase you are wondering. They will be the first five I pull out from my candle draw, yup you heard right I have so many they have there own draw, well slightly more as the draw is overflowing...I know its bad but what can I say, I have yet another weak spot.

Now I'm sure if you have read my bedroom posts you will have seen most of these candles but that ones that I display is best for the first in this series. Now sit tight, its Candle Time!

These are my first two candles, both grey and just gorgeous as decorations, (click here for other post about them). The owl is from Primark and the other from Ikea.

This beauty of a candle is from Asda for only £4, and is just too pretty for me to actually use so is once again for decoration (I know I buy a lot of candles for decoration...).

Once again a decoration candle (click here for blog post with this candle in) this one is from Zara and is just too pretty, perfect as I live by the seaside.

Welcome to candle heaven, I am so in love with the smell of this candle I haven't been able to bring myself to light it, does anyone else do this? 

Its a bath and body works candle, with sadly isn't in england. This has been one of pretty much the only candles I've found to smell of bananas. Not only is the colour amazing but the scent (Banana nutmeg bread pudding). 

I hope you have liked this quite short post on my candles, sorry most of these have already been in previous posts but thought was a good starting post. Dont worry more will be coming up soon.

See you tomorrow