Friday, 7 August 2015

Boots Haul (with a little T K Maxx (T J Maxx in America), Primark and Warehouse)

So I finally gave in and went on a big shopping spurge yesterday...Not good especially when I'm not working waving bye bye to my savings. Some products were necessary but others I just loved.
I might of gone a tad overboard here...

Lets start with TK Maxx as only bought two things.
This Nails Inc varnish I have been eyeing up for a while so when I saw it for only £3.99 I grabbed it. This colour is a gorgeous shade (Soho Place) I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure I'll let you know what it looks like on.

This gorgeous eyeliner by Bare Minerals in shade comet, a lovely shimmery bronze colour (shimmer didn't come out too well on camera:(). This eyeliner is so gorgeous, just keep buying eyeliners at the moment starting to get into the habit of wearing them all the time, brown rather than black though. 

Now on to Boots and the masses of stuff I got from there....oops

I saw this as soon as I walked in, on sale at £2.99 so who was I to argue with that, I've wanted some bronzing rocks for quite a while now and the prize of this really sold me on it. Granted it might not be  the best out there but I think for the price I am willing to live with that.

Also just the packaging of this product is really gorgeous and makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually was.

Now moving on to my favourite....Soap & Glory

I saw this on someone can't remember who's blog and fell in love (sorry if you're reading this, comment below and will link you).

I knew I wanted to check out the blushes they did and ended up with a shade I don't usually go for as the other two are quite similar shades to ones I already own. This shade is called Onamatopeacha.

Now I've used these for quite a while (few years) but not since they increased the size. These were on offer so had to pick some up (one for home and one for uni).

I haven't tried this make up remover before but thought I would as was on offer. Cant really say anything else about it but will keep you up to date of what I think of it.

Now moving on to haircare...

As you may know I have been making changes to my hair recently (I'm going from black to blonde) And thought getting the blonder shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda will help. I have used his blonde shampoo and conditioner before and have been pretty happy with it but now they also do a highlighting one which I will be trying out..

I also saw these with are deep conditioners like masks but especially for blonde hair I picked them up as they were on offer and will need them soon enough.
Lastly I picked up this Colour Restore in Warm Honey to get my hair to hopefully change the shade a tad and keep it blonde.

Lastly is just the two items of clothing that I have bought...


This lovely burgundy top is from primark, and found out was in sale for only £3 when I went to pay. Am in love with this top wish they did it in more clothes.


This was in the clearance, it was £8! I am in love with this and will be wearing in all autumn and winter. Now just have to wait.

I hope you liked this and let me know if you like anything..

See you again tomorrow:)