Saturday, 29 August 2015

Weekend Away Travel Essentials

Thought I'd do a post on things to remember if you are going away for a weekend somewhere nice, I'm not but just too excited since I got my case...(I know I'm a total sad but just look at it...)

I think the one thing you always need if there is a pool of course is a lovely bikini (usually your favourite, mine is this Ted Baker one).

Next is probably more important is a lovely pair of heels for the evening preferably comfy to walk in though just incase. This are from Faith.

Toiletries are always important as well as your make up (don't think I really need to go through my list for this).

Obviously you need a case to put all your things in (I know I didn't really put clothes in this but thought that was a slight given:) this case is from Ted Baker). A small case should hopefully be all you need but you never know..

A nice evening outfit is obviously needed as well as clothes for during the day and clean underwear. This is a playsuit from Topshop a few years ago.

I hope you liked this post, sorry for the lack of posts recently but hopefully this will change soon.


hope to see you again soon.


Sunday, 16 August 2015

Whats in my make up bag

As you can see its not really a make up bag but this is where I keep my go to everyday make up.

Surprise surpise, my everyday foundation is Benefits Some Kind-a Gorgeous and Too Faced Cocoa Powder. 

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer
Benefit Hervana

Apparently I need three Highlighters to pick between...

Benefit Watts Up
Soap & Glory Glow All Out
Benefit High Beam

Nars Orgasm 
Too Faced Bronzed and Poreless

Two concealers

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment
Benefit Fake Up

Eyeshadow Primer
Benefit Stay Dont Stray


Nars Duo eyeshadow 
Benefit RSVP

Make Up For Ever
Too Faced Better Than Sex

Benefit Gimme Brow
Soap & Glory Arch of Triumph

Soap & Glory Sexy Motherpucker Nudist
Cargo Classic Lip gloss

Soap & Glory Sexy MotherBlusher
17 Lipliner

I have given myself a selection of different browny shades of eyeliner
Lord and Berry - brown and gold brown
Bare Minerals Comet

I hope you have liked this blog post, and hope to see you again tomorrow.:)



Wednesday, 12 August 2015

12th August Diary Blog Entry

So I can't do my blog as much as I would like at the moment due to the fact I've got a full time job in a factory for the rest of the summer, but I will try my best. Might of made a big purchase from Kiko...

They have a massive sale on and been looking at everything for a week overtime my list getting longer and longer...

See you soon



Sunday, 9 August 2015

Favourite Summer Nail Varnish

One of the greatest things about summer, minus the tan is the summery colours and we aren't talking clothes or lipstick but nail varnish!

Dont know about you but I always need to wear nail varnish (the last month I haven't to try and strengthen my nails up a bit).

Here are my narrowed down summer nails...theres seven...

1.Essie I'm addicted

I truly am addicted to Essie nail varnish and this beautiful bright blue is absolutely perfect for the summer.

2. Revlon 320 Full House

This is a gel effect nail varnish in a lovely tone, it is slightly lighter with a hint more green than the essie one above, not that it is really green. Have been in love with this varnish for a while now and it last so long.

I'm one of those people than can't make nail varnish stay unchipped for more than two days but with this its more like a week!

3. Topshop Awol

This nail varnish is such a lovely bright electric blue and have been wearing it since winter but still light enough to get away with it in summer.

4.Topshop Pool Party

This is a lovely bluey green colour or is it greeny blue can never figure out with way it goes but anyway, this colour is great for the beach and complicated pastel colours really well.

5. Nails Inc Soho Place
This is a lovely green shade not pastel but not overly green either just right. I would describe it as a slightly darker/deeper than a mint green. Which is just great for summer but then again its a colour I'd wear all year.

6. Cheeky tongue 'n' cheek

This lovely bright deep pink is just what you need for summer to get your nails noticed and has a lovely red tone to it as well.

7. Soigne Menthe

Now this one has to be my favourite out of all of these as it is a lovely mint green with a hint of blue it looks great on and so nice and pastel I am in love with it so much so have had it on my toes for the last few weeks...

I really hope you like my selection of summer varnish and hope to see you again tomorrow.



ps. whats your favourite colours for the summer?

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Product Empties

So thought it was about time that I did a product empties post, as I've had my empties adding up in the corner of my room, so here we are. Let the empties begin...

Make Up

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation in Medium 

Now if you have read any of my other posts you might know that I love this foundation (click here), so it comes as no surprise that I have finished one and have already repurchased and using my next one.

Benefit Hello Flawless Powder Foundation in Champagne

Now this I don't use as much any more due to TooFaced (click here) but I do still love this powder foundation it helps make my make up last for longer, have repurchased.

Benefit The Porefessional

Just realised how much of my empties is benefit (don't worry this is the last one), as you may know I do love this primer. And had many miniatures of it that I have been working my way through. This primer is my absolute favourite and looks great on its own without any foundation. Have finally got round to buying a full size of this product.

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer

Surprise, surprise another love a good primer and this on comes in a close second (click here), I love this primer, its more waterbased than Benefits and is a great primer though unlike Benefits you can't wear it on its own. I have not repurchased this but I do have another one still so have a little while longer to decide if I did more than just my one primer for good.


The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel 750 ml

Now this shower gel lasts really long and you don't need much as it lathers up really nicely, and has now changed my constant shower gel to this, I have also nearly finished this in Strawberry, but this smell is so lovely and have since repurchased it in this smell and also in Satsuma to try. On offer you can get this for only £7.20! 

And lastly its Soap & Glory (you knew it...)

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub

Now I have been using this scrub for ages and have only just finished it, its not my favourite in their range as it isn't my favourite scent, but it works lovely and leaves your skin so nice and smooth. I haven't repurchased this and will probably not as I still have another 3 Soap & Glory in my collection to use and prefer the scents of the others in this collection.

Soap & Glory Butter Yourself Moisture Lotion

I have been using this body lotion for the last few months and finally finished (also want to move on to a new one before I get to the end). The scent of this is really nice and leaves my skin so lovely and silky soft and so very affordable especially as there is nearly always a deal on in Boots. I won't be repurchasing this again just yet as I already have another of this as well as six other full sized body lotions left in my room (I know I hoard). 

Next I want to go back to Body Shops Coconut Body Butter though don't currently have it in so need to use up a few first. 

Click here for full review of this.

Soap & Glory Righteous Butter Body Lotion

Now this is the most popular of their body lotion range due to the smell, the smell whilst lovely isn't quite for me as I prefer their Breakfast Smoothie one. I have no intention on repurchasing this one at the current time due to my massive stock but would recommend that you go and check this out.

I hope you liked this post and let me know if you would like most empties posts.

See you tomorrow.



ps. do you know any benefit or soap & glory products that I should check out?

Friday, 7 August 2015

7th August Blog Diary Entry

Honestly can say not been too exciting today, just one of those days when you can think or nothing to do and can't be bothered to do anything. I had planned a lot to do today but next to nothing has been done... ooops, we all to this but makes you think you've wasted the day. Which to be honest I have.

My day was meant to consist of putting things up on ebay sorting through my room again, has once again become a mess and finish off the book I'm reading (to be fair read 20 pages of it today....).

Needless to say haven't even logged on to eBay and the rest of the day has been wasted doing nothing much on my laptop....

I'm off out now but I hope you all have a great weekend and hopefully see you back here tomorrow:)



Boots Haul (with a little T K Maxx (T J Maxx in America), Primark and Warehouse)

So I finally gave in and went on a big shopping spurge yesterday...Not good especially when I'm not working waving bye bye to my savings. Some products were necessary but others I just loved.
I might of gone a tad overboard here...

Lets start with TK Maxx as only bought two things.
This Nails Inc varnish I have been eyeing up for a while so when I saw it for only £3.99 I grabbed it. This colour is a gorgeous shade (Soho Place) I haven't tried it yet but I'm sure I'll let you know what it looks like on.

This gorgeous eyeliner by Bare Minerals in shade comet, a lovely shimmery bronze colour (shimmer didn't come out too well on camera:(). This eyeliner is so gorgeous, just keep buying eyeliners at the moment starting to get into the habit of wearing them all the time, brown rather than black though. 

Now on to Boots and the masses of stuff I got from there....oops

I saw this as soon as I walked in, on sale at £2.99 so who was I to argue with that, I've wanted some bronzing rocks for quite a while now and the prize of this really sold me on it. Granted it might not be  the best out there but I think for the price I am willing to live with that.

Also just the packaging of this product is really gorgeous and makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually was.

Now moving on to my favourite....Soap & Glory

I saw this on someone can't remember who's blog and fell in love (sorry if you're reading this, comment below and will link you).

I knew I wanted to check out the blushes they did and ended up with a shade I don't usually go for as the other two are quite similar shades to ones I already own. This shade is called Onamatopeacha.

Now I've used these for quite a while (few years) but not since they increased the size. These were on offer so had to pick some up (one for home and one for uni).

I haven't tried this make up remover before but thought I would as was on offer. Cant really say anything else about it but will keep you up to date of what I think of it.

Now moving on to haircare...

As you may know I have been making changes to my hair recently (I'm going from black to blonde) And thought getting the blonder shampoo and conditioner from John Frieda will help. I have used his blonde shampoo and conditioner before and have been pretty happy with it but now they also do a highlighting one which I will be trying out..

I also saw these with are deep conditioners like masks but especially for blonde hair I picked them up as they were on offer and will need them soon enough.
Lastly I picked up this Colour Restore in Warm Honey to get my hair to hopefully change the shade a tad and keep it blonde.

Lastly is just the two items of clothing that I have bought...


This lovely burgundy top is from primark, and found out was in sale for only £3 when I went to pay. Am in love with this top wish they did it in more clothes.


This was in the clearance, it was £8! I am in love with this and will be wearing in all autumn and winter. Now just have to wait.

I hope you liked this and let me know if you like anything..

See you again tomorrow:)