Thursday, 16 July 2015

Thursday 16th July 2015 Diary Entry

Today was yet another day when I don't leave the house. I really should try and get out more, I guess this is what happens when you give up trying to find a summer job when everyone else is working.

Finally my cold has seemed to nearly gone, which is great so decided that am going to try and start going to the seafront more often.

Though as for today all that has been accomplished is starting and finishing a book, the last in the series the six sisters by M C Beaton. I am now sad as I've finished two series of books, Agatha Raisin and six sisters, so will start on another series that she writes.

In the mean time what else have I actually done today...well I cooked smokey bbq chicken with pasta for dinner but other than that the only other thing I guess I have done is to start tidying up my room again, always seem to be doing this and redid my make up. Discovering I own 63 mascaras, 42 lipsticks and 40 lip glosses, with is ridiculous as I always think that I have no lipsticks. Turns out I have many just not quite the shade that I want.

I hate to think the number I have of everything else, over 10 foundations that I know of but i'm sure everything will turn out to be more than I thought. Make up is now something I don't need to buy for a while now I think. Well will see how long this lasts for...I'm sure not too long.

Well I'm guessing this is everything for today, hopefully I will remember to write tomorrow.

Bye Guys