Thursday, 23 July 2015

Room Decor Dressing Table

This post I am also thinking of doing a video of as its quite hard to try and describe some parts.

Some parts are DIY but not many most of the things I will be showing you are cheap ways to make your room more personalised and unique. Hope you enjoy....oh and of course for on a budget.

The cheaper the bester as long as it still looks nice...hopefully my room does....

I will say it now as you are thinking it, yes I have a lot of crap. I'm one of those people who never throws anything away, and would rather buy an ornament then go out for a meal. Sadly I should admit I have a lot more ornaments and photo frames tucked away under my bed.

So lets get started.

This post will be on my Dressing Table (I guess?) if did it all in one post it would be too long.

I got these about  a year ago from Ikea (they are 2 storage cubes next to each other - £20 each), it gives eight compartments. The boxes inside them are also from Ikea though the bathroom section, they are slightly smaller than the normal boxes which fit the space exact. I like this as it seems more open and I can see and get stuff without having to open.

Also I just really like the pattern on them. I'll do another post over whats in each box or this one will never end.

Now on the top of the dressing table (as we will call it) is a hell of a lot of stuff...

The first thing is this heart wicker basket I'd call it I guess and in there I just keep some lush soaps and my hand santizer and sunglasses with other bits and bobs.

This mirror behind it is pretty much the favourite thing I own, its my little Laura Ashley mirror. It just looks so beautiful and elegant. 

Next to this is my plastic popcorn carton, which just has some pens in incase you were wondering.

Ooh and the roses you see and the back is fairy lights.

At the front is my benefit coasters, they are so amazing, I want to get a frame to put them in but I feel thats a bit sad, but the sayings on them are so wonderful.

Next is a heart shaped candle that I bought from Asda for £4 I think.

Then lastly is a giant clothes peg with a fault in our stars postcard, you will see I have many pegs but this is my only mint green one. It is £2 from Tiger if they still do them.

Next is my makeup brushes:)

I probably own way to many of these but I have milkshake glasses filled with not sand but lets call it big sand from ikea. The glasses are in my little picket fence that I love, also from Tiger think it was £4.

Behind my brushes is these little drawers and I keep some of my loyalty cards and jewerly in here.

On the top is where my perfume is kept, the only perfume I have ever had since I was 14 when I got my first is Ralph Lauren Romance. I have my little family of these, and next to it is a Victoria Secrets spray my friend got me for my birthday. Dont think its a perfume but a body spray I want to say.

 Moving on we have my little buddha in his dish then behind him is just an old jewellery stand I got from a charity shop years ago when orange was my absolute favourite colour.
There are a lot more pegs that have photos on, the small pegs are £1. 

Also here I have two grey candles, the owl is from Primark (£1.50) and the other Ikea. Also my alarm clock and a black boxed mirror (Tiger £10). Inside it is my skull glasses. 

On top of the box is a Love ornament from Wilkos for £4 I believe and next to it is my little ring tray from Tiger.

Then as you can see a Sewing Machine.

Lastly on top of my sewing machine is my easter pooh bear and a head band.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be doing more around the rest of my room.

See you soon