Wednesday, 22 July 2015

My Top Five Favourite Lipsticks

If like me you are always trying to find that perfect shade of lipstick then look no further, well you might want to. We will soon find out.

I'm the kind of person that will buy a red lipstick then feel too self conscious to ever wear, then a few weeks/months later will go and buy another shade as convinced myself the last one was the wrong shade.

Shameful to stay that my lips are the thing I usually cba to do but this will hopefully change soon, blusher is more my thing.

To start this list of safely, I will start with my good old nude, which surprise surprise is my most used lipstick. Damn I'm dull, it can't only be me that does this? Please tell me that there is someone out there that does the same.

My favourite of my nudes is my soap and glory one, yup thats right I own more than one nude...oh dear nude is nude the whole point is you can't see it to some degree. Though I swear one is more browny nude than my others.
These are my favourite two nudes, Soap and Glory Super Nude and TooFaced Naked Dolly.

Next we will move out into the light bright reds, I have quite a number of these, though obviously hardly ever worn. Some probably never... :S

Red Lipstick I always think looks so nice on, but I'm one of those people that always worries it will smudge or fade and look stupid. But these reds are great for summer! Sorry middle one isn't open but would make such a mess is a sephora liquid lipstick.
These are my favourite three bright reds from left to right- Topshop Rio Rio, MUA Scarlet Siren (and also red bit on the bottom also unscrews to use as lipliner, amazing as lipstick is £1!!!!), Topshop Hazard.

Deep Red is also really classy and great for autumn and winter. I have quite a few of these but once again don't wear them anywhere near enough. 
It was quite hard to pick my favourites out of these especially as the middle to are so similar but I did.

Loreal 550 Cherry Candy and Buxom Menace

Baby Pink is the shade I wear most after nude but was mainly because before I got nude it was the nearest I had. I stopped using my pinks as much after I started dying my hair black but now I'm lightning my hair I will be going back to pinks more.

I own far too many light pinks.

Topshop Boom Boom (will also be in my bright pinks) NYX Haute Melon, TooFaced Melted Peony

Bright Pinks are so pretty and I find myself collecting them but never wearing them. They seem so brave and most the time I get too scared.

I found that with these I couldn't physically cut them down to my favourites as they all are.

Bite Palomino, Topshop Boom Boom (again),  Body Shop 59, TooFaced Melted Fuchsia

Lastly as an added note I thought that I would add in this lipstick, I have not used worn it but it looks so good.

Its a Dark Purple, sorry I couldn't get it to show properly on my hand but I couldn't find another lens for my camera.

I really hope you enjoyed this most even if it didn't end up being just five lipsticks as I planned and I hope you see you in my next post. (you know what I mean)
Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing this.

Bye :)