Tuesday, 28 July 2015

My Hair Bow Collection of 9

I decided today instead of finishing off my too faced collection, I would share with you my newish bow obsession. Only newish as I've had some a couple of years but now that they are everywhere been buying more and more.

 I am honestly in love with each and every bow, so let's get started...

 This bow is more showy and can be dressy upy (don't even know if its just me that says this but oh well) its from Miss Selfridge but a few years ago now and bought in the sale. It is lovely cream chiffon style fabric with gold detailing in the middle.
 This is the same as above but in a gorgeous baby pink colour. Haven't worn this one too often but is so pretty (I prefer the cream one).

 This bow is a reasonably new one (bought a few weeks ago from Forever 21, only £2!!!) I might of bought it in the three different colours they had in stock...couldnt help myself...
This is the same but in burgundy.
And of course I had to get the mint green one (looks more blue in this picture but is mint green), my obsession continues...

This bow is the same as the last three also from forever 21 but bought this quite a few months ago. Just a nice Plain Black one.

This lovely black black one is also from forever 21 and is just so pretty and just has the extra detail of the lace if you fancy wearing more than just a plain black one.
This is what the back of all the ones above look like (I know you know what clips look like but the last two are different) so no hair band is needed to wear these to clip your hair up at the back.

This lovely grey one I absolutely fell in love with the shade straight off, the clip is slightly more annoying but can still be used as it looks so pretty in the hair.
This is my last clip, I know sad times, but its a lovely light blue shade and the texture on it just looks so pretty. 
We have now come to an end I'm sad to say, but don't worry I'll have my next post up soon, though sad to say won't be a bow one as now run out of them.



ps. I'm wearing the burgundy one today. Do you have any bows if so what colours?