Thursday, 30 July 2015

My Bikini Collection...

I swear the best thing about summer and holidays is bikini's. This year I'm not going away but thought to cheer myself up and maybe give you some idea I would show mine to you.

This is my new baby, I am totally in love I bought this only about a month ago even though I have nothing on to wear it for. It's just so pretty. Its Ted Baker in case you don't recognise this pattern, I am just totally in love with Ted Baker at the moment, especially the mint green patterns they do. Yeah I know its a double I must own it for me, hence just couldn't resist.

This bikini was in the sale, I bought mine off Surfdome website as if was one the few places that still had my size in stock and on sale. Asos it but still full price so after a while of hunting I found Surfdome. It's not a website that I've used before but I was really impressed my it and my parcel came like a day or two later. It was so fast and too top it off they gave me a code for 20% off next time I ordered.

This Bikini is the perfect one for the summer or just anytime of year, it is rather more than I would usually pay but the pattern and colour are just amazing.

This one is rather an old one I think it was around 5 years ago that Topshop did this bikini, the cut of this bikini is just so nice and flattering with the small over lay flowy part of the bikini top (don't know the actual name for this part, if you do please comment below). 

Also the bow pattern on it is really cute.

This is last years for Primark but the cut of the bikini is still in for this year, and it looks wonderful and reminds me of the 50s, it looks great on but I will say this, if you are sunburnt do not put this on it really hurts due to the bodice.

This is a bandeau style bikini with a lovely crochet design in my favourite colour, as you can probably see mine has been discoloured in some places but the chlorine, very sad. But this bikini is lovely and love the overflowing on the bottoms, if like me you are very self-conscious of that area. The only problem is when wet is rather annoying but only a minor problem. 

This bikini is from Miss Selfridge last year or year before I think but they are still doing one that is the same of looks very similar last time I went in there.

Sadly we have come to the last bikini, I really don't own that many. Well this one is a lovely bright coral colour (not shown up too well on camera). This beauty is from topshop and I would say it is kind of a pushup bikini which always makes your boobs look so great. 

This has been the main bikini I wear on holidays as the colour is gorgeous and doesn't make you look pale and then when you start to get tanned it makes you look more tanned than you are.

Sadly we have now come to the end. I hope you like my bikinis and leave a comment below of your favourite bikini and colour as I do love bikini online non shopping (means look but not buying, could of just said window shopping....oh well).