Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Mini Haul

I said I couldn't last long without buying clothes, well to be technically I haven't but I have bought a new pair of Vans.

I don't know if its many just me who buys things in one main colour, well shade of a colour. For the past four years at least I would say I might of been slightly obsessed with the colour Mint Green. Owning dresses, blouses, blazer, skirts, jeans and many tops in this colour. It has now also gone over to owning vans in this shade.

To be fair I have been thinking about converse in this colour but never got round to it as still haven't worn my baby pink ones in forever.

The next few things I bought are beauty items, I know I own too  many as it is, you don't need to tell me.

First was a new nail varnish, I don't really need anymore but after I saw this one I had to have it. Its an Essie one and called I'm addicted. Which to be fair is me with nail varnishes. The Nail varnish is a really nice bright blue shade which I think would be great for summer.

Next was what I actually came into TK Maxx for, a Lord & Berry liner (the bottom one). I had already bought it in this colour but have been wearing it non stop so thought I'd try my luck and see if they had another, and they did one left! Though I also bought a nice brown eyeliner as well, as I only actually own one amazingly.