Monday, 27 July 2015

July 2015 Favourites

 This months favourites is reasonably long, so lets get started. (ps sorry the top is creased, shows up a lot more on camera).

 The first product that I have been loving this month is the black beauty blender, I just think its so useful and the surface area on the rounded part is a lot bigger and makes applying primer and foundation so easy.
I honestly am so happy I bought a duo pack.
 This next product on the favourites list has be be this Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Foundation, in the summer its always so annoying when you finally get a tan and then find out your foundation is too pale. This left me with only this foundation left and I fell back in love with it and had to go out and buy a new one.
The best thing is probably the fact that it matches your skin tone, meaning that you don't have to worry about getting more tanned and needed another foundation.
Also the fact that I find the coverage on this foundation is just so good, I would say it is medium to full coverage as you can build it up without it looking caked on.
This is my go to summer foundation.
 Optrex 2 in 1 eye mist is really a must for me, I find that when I'm reading a lot or its summer my eyes dry out quite a bit and this totally helps, I wasn't so sure it would when I picked it up but was pleasantly surprised.
The other great thing about this is it isn't eyedrops, don't know if anyone else is like me and gets freaked out my things going in or near my eyes ( just like Rachel from Friends, Only growing up I might of been worse when it came to needing eye drops).
 This has literally saved my hair, it was all frazzled out after I bleached it the other day and I thought I would have to get the ends trimmed off quite a bit, but used this just once and my hair was saved.

I always wondered if the expensive hair products work, and this one definitely does. Might have to splash out on this product as a must have. My hair was never so shiny and beautiful.
 This AmorePacific Skin Energy Mist is amazing, its rather expensive but so great, you can spray it on your skin as a primer than after your make up is finished to set it. It works so well, leaving the skin so nice and soft and making your make up last all day even in the hot sunny weather.
Lord & Berry #1807
 This eyeliner has become my everyday go to eyeliner, which is saying something as I don't usually wear eyeliner, this isn't as obvious due to its colour and goes in really well with the naturally nudey glimmery eyeshadow I love to wear.
After only a week of owning it I went out to buy a backup incase I need it, I never do this!!!
Make Up For Ever - Smoky Extravagant
This mascara is so great, it lengthens the lashes whilst keeping them all spread apart and not clinging together. It has become one of my main go to mascara.

This top from Holister has been one of my favourites this month it is so soft and comfy but also looks so pretty on, don't know what I used to wear before I got this!!

Book Favourite
This month my book favourite is The Duff by Kody Keplinger. Just go out and read it!

Hope you've enjoyed this months favourites and hope to see you again soon:)