Tuesday, 21 July 2015

How to not gain weight over the summer

I don't know how many people feel like this but when summer rolls around you can't wait but also secretly in the back of your mind thinking and praying you don't gain weight.

I have this problem, unless you get yourself a summer job, you are sat at home, much like me at the moment n your laptop looks up crap on the internet (with hair dye in, just waiting, these 45 minutes always seem the longest). Well I am also reading, mainly as if I sit and watch tv I will be having snacks as well.

The only way I can get by without snacking is if there are no snack to begin with. This is easier said than done in my household as when a snack if finished my dad goes out and buys more. Meaning there is always a snack of some kind in the house.

It is like torture sitting and thinking about all these yummy snacks but then thinking of the extra fat you could gain by eating them. Sadly this year I'm not going on holiday so don't have to think about my bikini body which means its that much harder to not just eat all the snacks one by one infront of the real housewives.

I suppose the only other way I manage this is by walking down to the seafront to take some photos, I have far to many photos that are so similar.

The easiest way that I have found is one of my favourite things growing up, Hola Hoop, it is really easy and fun, I do it while tv is on, it makes time fly by and it really good at firming up your belly, cas I don't know about you but it is my most self conscience place. I've done it mainly for only half hour a day and it has worked really well, Im not saying my belly is firm and fat free because it isn't but it is a lot closer to that goal now. :)

The last way that I can think of is to go to the gym, I live an hour walk away from mine so if I go I have to get up and go for 8 in the morning for when my mum goes into work. I hate early mornings but its the only way my lazy arse will be going to the gym. Then I walk home after.

Those saying all of this, I haven't done any of it for over a week, but this will change.

No more couch potato!!!!