Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday 17th July 2015 Diary Blog Entry

So what can be said of today? Well it might surprise you to know that today I actually left the house. Shocking I know but only to go and do the food shopping, so nothing terribly exciting.

The rest of today was spent writing or sorting out things for eBay, what my life seems to be filled with, there is far to much stuff to go. It is my own fault as I never throw anything away and will kept anything. Which has been proven by finding 7 year old receipt you could hardly read in my room when I gave it a proper sort out a few weeks ago. Worst still is that I have kept some of the receipts as keep sakes to put into my scrapbook. Though mine has been pushed to the side slightly as I am finally doing one for my grandma for her birthday next week. therefore giving myself a very busy week. Truth be known I bought it for her last year and just haven't got round it to yet.

One day my life might get marginally more interesting but I wouldn't hold my breathe for it if I were you.

Bye Guys