Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Bedroom Tour and DIY ideas - Bed area

This post I have been planning for a while. I am excited so let's get started.

On my bed post you can see white tinsel that I've wrapped around, I just think it gives quite a nice soft effect, especially with the cream rose fairy lights wrapped around as well. I also have a normal pair of white fairy lights wrapped all down the sides. 
On the bed I have my flamingo and Love cushion with a mini love bird pillow and then my pooh bear that my parents got me for starting university.

This is whats above my bed. 
The board is a normal cork board that I had laying around that I spray painted cream, I think its a very similar cheap thing to do that will make a big difference to your room. I have flamingo fairy lights around it, I know thats a lot of fairy lights. The camera is a photocopy of a collage I did back in college and the keys spell out LOVE. 

My bed side table has quite a few things on it. I have my lamp at the back next to a toy lamb my boyfriend bought me from New Zealand. Then the union jack box is a box of memories. And at the front you can see my sweets jar.

Here are my products I use before bed. I have the cream I put on my heels to make them softer, hand cream, a forehead thing for headaches, my nail varnish and two lip products.

There is also this wicker heart on my bedside table which I just keep bits and bobs in.

Lastly this is at the other side of my bed, its just a giant cardboard bow but I love it and onto is a dream catcher. Also I have the rope and pink ribbon which has bells on wrapped to the end of my bed.

I hope this post hasn't been too boring for you to read. Let me know if you like it, I was unsure if people would find it interesting.