Friday, 31 July 2015

Bedroom Decoration Part 2 Displays

This post will be on this corner of the room and how I decorated the top of this cupboard (don't know what else to call it).

So this is pretty much what the top looks like, I know there is a lot of stuff.

Let's start with the back, at the back is my Alice box, it was my final piece for AS Fine Art and it lights up as well, its the only one of my artworks that I really have on display because I just love it so much. 

On top of my Alice box to fit in with the theme I have an old clock and a white rabbit that lights up. I like to think of this as my Alice corner, and then I have my flamingo cushion which was from Primark for £3 but they have sold out last time I went ( I also have a second one of these up here behind some photos).

Then at the front here I just have some photos in frames.

Now this is moving to the side a little bit. Starting from the back again, you can see my other flamingo cushion, then I have my Giant Cupcake that my friends bought me about five years ago for my birthday. 

Then I have some more of my pegs that you've seen in a previous post (if not they are from tiger and they come in two sizes the one you can see if the smaller one- I use them as photo frames). 

Next is my giant & that I got in the sale from New Look, they did them over christmas time and I loved them but they were £7.99 originally, I got in sale for £3. 

All of this is standing upon two old fashioned union jack style cases that I picked up from TK Maxx.

Lastly the beach hut is a candle from Zara that was too pretty not to buy even though in the sale it was still £5.99. Then behind this is a silver camera statue from Next a few years ago, which is just on top of a box and the floral pattern if from a hairbrush that I think looks pretty.

Well that is it, I know thats a lot of stuff but I told you I collect things, wish this was it all but obviously it isn't...

I really hope you enjoyed reading this and got some ideas on how to do a display kind of thing.