Thursday, 30 July 2015

30th July 2015 Diary Blog Entry

So today I've bleached my hair again and it has gotten so much lighter, I am so happy. It is rather orange so I need to get something to take out the brassy tones but other than that it should only be one or two more times till my hair is finished.

I don't know if anyone else is like me and hates taking photographs when their hair is dodgy. In my mind its what every does but then again my hair is dodgy a lot more of the time than most people.

My hair was dyed black but black was on top of bleached proper light blonde hair so has been even harder than normal to get the black out. I am sick of having to dye my hair all the time so am going ombre incase you were wondering as still don't like natural colour that much.

So moving on as I'm sure no one wants to hear about my hair troubles.

On the bright side of things I'm actually publishing two blog posts today because I just couldn't wait! I know but I get really excited about publishing my posts.

Most of today I've spent debating where to order off of Kiko or not, they have so much stuff I love and really want in the sale but have no money. Don't want to waste the last of it on make up (says the makeup addict...). I'll put it off a few more days...

Well thats it really, so thanks for reading this, if you actually managed to read it all and will see you later today, in my next post:).

Ps. Its on bikinis.