Wednesday, 29 July 2015

29th July Diary Blog Entry

Well today has gone by reasonably fast I guess, yesterday my new obsessed with Pretty Little Liars started and it has continued on to today, but I'm restricting the number of episode I will watch a day. I don't want to waste a whole week just sitting in watching a show. Though I suppose some would say sitting in doing your blog and looking at other peoples is a waste of time.

Well today my shopping habit continued, I went to Asda just to get some envelopes but couldn't help myself from getting this gorgeous mini chest (not sure what to call it). It was on sale to £5 so thought I should get it as was the only one left. Ooops I'm never going to get better with my money if I keep spending it but we can always hope.

On the bright side of things I got a new phone yesterday...well its the same as my last but lost the sound a couple of months ago on it and it was insured so finally got round to replacing it. You have no idea how much you use the sound on your phone until it suddenly stops working.

The rest of today will be spent on my blog too, I have quite a bit of work to do on some upcoming posts as I've decided to post everyday over summer and see how long it last once uni starts again.

Hope you enjoy my upcoming blog posts, they seem to be mainly focused on a kind of room tour and a few collections.



ps. I would love to check out your blog if you comment it below, sometimes it takes so long trying to find a blog to look at.