Tuesday, 28 July 2015

28th July Diary Blog Entry

I haven't done one of these for a few days now, I'm already slacking. Oops I'll try better I promise.

If you don't know just on Saturday I ended up going shopping again.. bad me. Only bought some new heels (posted on instagram, they're just too pretty) and two more bows for my hair, making my collection of them up to 9. Might have a slight problem, but I've started to wear them all the time now and my fringe is finally long enough that can use them to clip it up, so is handy as well as pretty. I believe reason enough to justify them, or so I tell myself.

Thats the most exciting thing I've done probably unless last night I watched a few episodes of RHOA and the last Judge Geordie, I found it exciting but you might not. Though I also did Hula Hoop for a bit whilst watching RHOA as of late I've been slacking. Damn I slack a lot. Hopefully I'm not the only one?