Thursday, 23 July 2015

23rd July 2015 Diary Blog Entry

First thing I did today was to go to the gym unless you could drawing at 1 this morning due to being unable to sleep. Seriously what is up with me I can't  ever sleep atm. 

Well before the gym I went into New Look to pick up my shoes I'd ordered, two pairs both mint green surprise surprise. One wedges and one sandals. I'm keeping the wedges but taking the sandals back tomorrow they are a dangly bit on them but they are different lengths on the shoes. It would annoy me too much so back they go. I will show you the wedges in a post I will be doing soon. 

Feeling a summer shoes post. 

Anyway after New Look I went to the gym, will spare you the boring details then went to return some library books and took some new ones out, before walking home. 

After coming home I showered obviously, and tried on my shoes. Other than this the only other thing that I have done today is google other peoples blogs, the day was lost before I knew it, it was already half five. Oops. 

Well now the rest of the day is spent cooking chilli con carne with brown rice. Fingers crossed brown rice tastes nice. Never had it before. 

Well thats the end of my day. Hope you had a great day:)

Till tomorrow