Tuesday, 21 July 2015

21st July Diary Blog Entry

Today has been more productive than the last few days. I woke up early today and even had breakfast, very healthy granola with raisins, banana and milk with an apple juice.

I've bleached my hair again as the condition had finally got back to normal. I swear black hair dye is the hardest thing ever to get out, especially as my hair was bleached under the black making the black like impossible to come out. It is slowly coming out though, it is leaving my hair slightly ginger so I need to get something to get that out but just glad the black is leaving.

Lunch was chicken and bacon pita bread and was so delicious. And now I am snacking on some grapes, I feel so good and healthy today. I can only prey that this keeps up.

Apart from what I have eaten today I have also written out, well typed out my life plan for the next few years. A general outline that is, i'm not going crazy and going a day by day.

As for the rest of today I will be cooking fajitas for dinner and then might watch some more of Chuck as have started watching it from the beginning.

BYE till tomorrow